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  • bigchipzzzz bigchipzzzz Nov 25, 2005 12:57 PM Flag

    3 terrorist groups want to talk

    GWB is making progress on the war on terror.

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    • ROFLMAO!!! we are "subtle bashers" because we post OT to offset the interminable BOREDOM of this board...YOU're toooooo funny...

      .......and I'm outa here because I have a LIFE and it's FRIDAY NIGHT!!!....LOL

    • I recall YOUR president saying he "wasn't going to use a $10,000,000 missle to destroy a $10 tent" NO, he has spent BILLIONS of dollars and the PRICELESS lives of nearly 2100 Americans and still hasn't killed the fucker responisible for 9-11, let alone, captured the prick. Reagan could have had the CIA "pull the plug" on that POS bin Laden back in the late 80's when he was telling the world about his hatred of the West and particularly the USA....and BUSH senior too. The first president to actually take steps to kill the fucker was Clinton.

      The percentage of islamic fundamentalist fanatics has grown EXPONENTIALLY from how many there were BEFORE we put OUR military forces on THEIR soil, so WHO the fuck do YOU think you are fooling with your NEOCON bullshit about "fighting them there before we have to fight them here.."

    • '''just like the NAZIs did.'''

      SCUL AND BONES rules!!

    • Mellow -
      first of all, try spell check.
      Secondly, you live in a rose colored world, my friend. you are obviously young and ignorant. There's no rule book to fight muslim fanatics (a small % of the muslim world) - they are insane. The iraq war may have drawn out some of these fanatics...Bush may be right, may be wrong, only time will tell. But the world has to chose whether or not they go on offense or go into a shell to address muslim fanatics. Going into a shell led to 9-11 - don't ever forget that.

    • There isn't ANYTHING to discuss about EAG that has NOT been discussed "ad nauseum"...

      It's the the irrefutable truth of the OT posts, that pisses off the right-wingers and why they don't want to see them ANYWHERE, not just on this board... They want to STIFLE free speech and any criticism of their NEOCON agenda and leaders.....just like the NAZIs did.

      Americans who voted for Bush and other Republicans are finally waking up to the fact that they have made a HUGE mistake.

    • lol you cant even follow your own thread.
      you posted about OT.
      you said it is the EAG board.
      i pointed out where you were wrong
      have a nice day

    • *melody* "....cry me a river..."

    • per Yahoo!!
      "Reminder: This board is not connected with the company. These messages are only the opinion of the poster, are no substitute for your own research, and should not be relied upon for trading or any other purpose. Never assume that you are anonymous and cannot be identified by your posts. Please read our Terms of Service. For more information regarding investments and the Internet, please visit the SEC Web site."

      not eag board
      yahoo board.

    • very few you dirtbag speed racer grease monkey

    • you would be suprized how many on this board or in the country itself aggree with mellow!!
      and not just demos,but rep to!!!


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