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  • hardmud4u hardmud4u Feb 5, 2005 10:25 AM Flag

    RMC Transition

    It is amazing how little attention the RMC USA / Cemex transition is getting in the public eye. Those living it realize the magnitude and that it is headed for failure. The dollars in jeopardy to Cemex are staggering.

    Cemex believes they can take a cookie cutter model and simply apply it to RMC. Lack of communication, promises of undefined roles and a structure of cement won�t get it done.

    Cemex�s sales pitch is to follow the light to some euphoric ending (the Cemex Way). The battery in that flashlight is real weak.

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    • And who believes that lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place?

    • Must have been some retailing SI on CX. I'd take same as a bullish contrary indicator. SI dropped by nearly 270k shares last month, itself quite bullish, while the ADV dropped, too:

      SI ratio not enough for much of a squeeze. Oh well... The long and strong prevail!

    • It is definitely fun to see the banter between the people that know what they are talking about, and the ones who were fired from Cemex. First if you no longer work at Cemex, why do you care if they tank or not? Second they won't. Plain and simple Cemex has an excellent model for cement, and ready mix. Both divisions make money, and a lot of it. Cemex knows how to cut the fat, and trim dead opportunities. RMC is very ripe for the picking, and when the cemex model is implemented, will make more money than it does now.

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      • Does anyone know who might be a prospective buyer of ERHE? See article below. This might be a good buy. Any thoughts?

        ExxonMobil gets oil rights in Nigeria/Sao Tome zone
        Mon Feb 21, 2005 11:52 AM ET
        ABUJA, Feb 21 (Reuters) - ExxonMobil Corp. (XOM.N: Quote, Profile, Research) received approval on Monday to exercise its rights in five offshore oil blocks on offer by Nigeria and Sao Tome to pave the way for final licence awards to be made, the bidding authority said.
        The exploration blocks are located in the Gulf of Guinea, which has seen a swathe of huge deepwater oil discoveries over the past decade and could provide the United States with a strategic supplement to its energy supplies from the crisis-ridden Middle East.

        The U.S.-based energy giant has a right to a 25 percent stake in any two blocks in the second bidding round which began in December, the Nigeria-Sao Tome Joint Development Authority (JDA) said in a statement.

        The JDA received bids from 23 firms for five blocks in the deep waters shared by Africa's top oil producer and Sao Tome, a tiny, impoverished island nation taking its first steps into the world of big oil.

        "As soon as ExxonMobil exercises its options, the JMC (Joint Ministerial Council) will be convened to approve the final structure of the award of the blocks ... This is expected to be done before the end of the month," the statement said.

        ExxonMobil and a little-known U.S.-based firm ERHC Energy (ERHE.OB: Quote, Profile, Research) enjoy pre-emptive rights over the equity because they invested in exploration under a deal with the tiny island state before the disputed area became a Joint Development Zone managed bilaterally.

        When the two countries agreed in 2000 to jointly develop the area, the two companies renegotiated their deals with the JDA and gained the rights.

        Last year, ExxonMobil, the world's largest publicly quoted oil firm, exercised a 40 percent interest in block one, the most sought-after of the nine blocks offered in the first licensing round.

        Houston-based Environmental Remediation Holdings Co., now renamed ERHC Energy Inc, took a 25 percent interest in block four, 20 percent in blocks three and nine, and 15 percent in blocks five and six before the first bidding round which opened in 2003.

    • This last statement is fictitious. I did not post the last reply. Personally, I think CX will tank to $34.00 due to debt.

      Good Bye,

    • Unfortunately this stock, CX, is going to tank. With debt and uncertaintly on its side, there is no other alternative.


    • Of course Cemex needs RMC people to make it work, and I'm sure there are lots of good RMC people who will do well working for Cemex. Cemex's first major international takeover, in Spain, has gone very well. Indeed, some special expertise from the Spanish operation, the use of petroleum coke as fuel, has been integrated into Cemex operations worldwide. Their early US operations, in place before Southdown, went well. I've made good money in this firm because these have gone well, and I fully expect to make more as the Southdown and RMC integrations move forward.

      That said, there are always a few hard-heads in any large organization who can't, or won't, adapt to changes, even to take advantage of new opportunities. The Company will be better off without them. I strongly suspect that you are one of them. 'Bye!

    • Once again you have proven your Idiot / Ingorance status:

      Your comment "slow, comfortable, white male, blue-collar world are being disrupted"

      Cemex needs RMC people to make this thing work, and if Cemex's opinion is what you say.

      Cemex will be receiving a lot of mirriors with a slogan on top "say hello to your help"

      PS You owe $11 billion

    • Good post, concreteprofits, but you are wasting your keystrokes. These folks respond to thought and discussion with invective and prejudice. Apparently their slow, comfortable, white, male, blue-collar worlds are being disrupted by some new folks who are more ambitious and more capable, and they very much resent being disturbed. So be it. Thke Luddites didn't slow down the changes much either.

    • Has the deal with RMC been closed?

      I haven't seen any news about this.
      Last I read was February for the deal.
      What has happend?

    • LOL!!!

      Yes I saw that set of commercials too. The one that most reminded me of CX was the last one in the series that had all of the monkeys in their smart little business suits in the conference room. The lead chimpanzee gets on the table and another kisses his butt. Substitute the US Executive VP of cement operations for the monkey on the table and any one of the VP's of manufacturing or any of the plant managers for the one kissing his butt and you have a pretty good snapshot of CX USA.

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