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  • pirates144 pirates144 Feb 16, 2012 7:02 PM Flag

    Trouble here guys. The focus on "accommodations" is

    troubling. Not sure the % of revs that covers, but this is an oil & gas service company. With nat gas production being slashed because of the idiots that run this country, the service areas of these co's are going to be hit. We are now ramping up exports of nat gas. Remarkable. Truly remarkable. Give the enemy money so they can prosper while we have the answer here. Money has ruined our political system. Oil should be at $50 bl, but think of all the lobbyists from Exxon, Chevron, Marathon that fund our political crooks. Very few of them truly have the American citizen as their concern. Only their personal well being. Sad, but true.

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    • The worst part is the oil mostly comes from Canada and one liter up there costs $1.35 or about $5/gallon

      and people get upset at $4/gallon

      what does that have to do with OiS?

      OiS lodge houses the folks in the Mac

      profits are going out of foreign areas to USA based companies, and the weak dollar is saving people money at home and housing still hasn't gained much traction

      expect foreign governments to get protectionism ramped up like what Argentina did to YPF

      in the form of higher taxes, or trade blocks or labor laws, whatever when they figure out how much we rape them


    • Are you sure? You might be like Hilary Cramer who sent me email to get out of AAPL after earnings. Sold at $445.00. Look what happened after that. I think if I check this stocks after 1 year- I will me OK for sure

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