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  • frankostroff frankostroff Jul 19, 2013 4:26 PM Flag


    I am beginning to think we have NOTHING with this company. As we all can see the big names mean bupkiss.

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    • Good morning gentlemen. I respectfully disagree with the opinion that we may have "nothing". We have a recognizable BOD, patents aleady issued and some still pending, and product in use (AB Note and Verifyme). IMHO, much of the government possibilites are very political in nature. The gambling hearings in the Senate appear to have the backing of the Republicans while Democrats are still on the fence. The pharma industry will catch on as soon as the public becomes aware of the number of deaths associated with counterfeit drugs. I know one thing for sure and that is that LLTI is NOT a "pump & dump" . Six months or so into the game doesn't seem like a long time to me, especially for a development stage company. There are two distinct operations to LLTI; 1. anti-counterfeiting and 2. Identity validation. Both are in vogue right now. Considering that this company started out at about $0.05 in January and we have been able to maintain pricing significantly above that to date, tells me that things will work out soon, possibly as soon as October, and we'll begin to realize the rewards of our risk. I still think this is a potential "buy-out" down the road. I'm not trying to push the hype but merely offering my opinion, as we all are.

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      • Magro:
        Numero Uno: I have been holding this stock for something like 8 years now. I am fortunate to have purchased a significant amount of shares at .04 back then. I had concluded that this stock had turned into toilet paper and was quite surprised or I should say shocked that we got to a high as we got. The way I look at it nothing gained and a trivial amount lost if in fact this turns out to be Toilet Paper. All I am saying is that money is the name of the game now and the way the stock market has gone these last few years, I believe we are in for a MAJOR correction which may last for a considerable amount of time and thus we will get caught with that problem to deal with. JUST SAYING

    • Frnk- it's alarmingly discouraging when good news is released, the volume spikes over 400K and we drop $.02. As mentioned, maybe these insidious warrants being exercised is the crux of the problem but I'd like to think someone in the industry sees value in acquiring blocks of the shares particularly the board and advisory guys, I'm getting a bit irritated at seeing Chernoff being interviewed all over the place talking about various security issues but nothing that would directly support what LLTI is engaged in It's simply hard to determine where the share price impetus will come from.

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