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  • frnk61 Aug 13, 2013 10:15 AM Flag


    I wonder how many BOD's may leave, as the shares they are getting might go to zero. Do you think they would put their names on the line for a possible worthless entity?

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    • That's a good question and a double-edged one. I would question why they signed on in the first place and what they intended to bring to the table. Clearly, little "influence peddling" or access to anything of even limited consequence has happened since the gold rush up to $.50. I should think this selling has to be warrants/options and very early investors. Since there are buyers for every seller, once again secretive players are taking advantage of a usually thinly traded and highly manipulated stock. I have a hard time believing that the solutions this company offers have thus far been so poorly received. What they really need are committed salespeople, deal makers and politically astute folks. By the composition of the 2 boards I thought we had all 3 covered. Maybe it's the day-to-day management team that is weak??

    • BOD's should have legends or restricted stock. These shares trading where bid/ask difference of $.0025/sh is MM's moving stock around to keep below the 5% ownership rule so they don't have to report it on the filings.
      If it isn't that then it's close to something like that. I've seen it done before where a take over occures later on and the BOD gets replaced, then the stick sits at pennies and never goes anywhere so the current board who own millions of shares can't sell them. Worst than the current situation thus week.

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