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  • frnk61 Nov 6, 2013 11:02 AM Flag


    May I remind all of you that Crying about what is going on does not get us anywhere. In fact I would think that it would discourage people from considering going further or new possible stockholders. I have maintained from the beginning that we would go nowhere until proof of revenues would be forthcoming from the company but you have to be doing business to get there. This is a PENNY STOCK and that is all it is. How it got to where it went before, borders on the incredible and therefore it is what it is. My complaint lies with the guy running the company (the Original) who for many many years did nothing with what he had. All I can further say is keep up a stiff lip and pray.

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    • I agree frnk but am really discouraged by the massive number of exersizable warrants in the 4 to 5 cent range. Based on that conundrum, how can we ever reach a decent share price again? More importantly, how much longer well our well-heeled boards remain with a lackluster company (as if they brought anything to the table anyway)?

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