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  • securitvaults securitvaults Apr 24, 2014 10:27 AM Flag

    Big Drop blamed on Russia advancing exercise

    Seems this big drop was going on because Russia is advancing troops & exercises along the Ukraine boarder. I must say, the U.S. stock market only dropped a some amount. Maybe this problem is not that big to most U.S. people. If the U.S. government invaded Texas, would Europe & the other countries say we could not do that. Our government should help the U.S. people first & then try to help other nations. Not the other as Obama with no powers has been doing.

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    • Whatever the "reasons", it is all manipulations and taking shares from the fools. That is all.

    • This is not the same. Putin is trying to test the waters with this move. If we allow this, it will invite more actions similar to this. If he is allowed to feel that he controls the worlds markets, then who knows what other stunts he can pull to hurt our economy. This is a line in the sand, which is why we have the support of the EU as well. Not to mention the people being killed over there. Some things are worth more than a few points on the DOW.

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      • I understand Putin wants to grow his powers just like any leader, even Obama. Didn't Obama whisper to Putin before he got elected for a second term, "I'll have more powers to supply you things after I'm re-elected again." Yes, I do not want to here people are getting killed from this. War or running a country is not easy but we have to take care of the people in the US first & then go along with the other countries on world matters. We do not want to get into a #$%$ match with Russia. They have a lot more power then any country we can have a fight with.

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