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  • carruthersdevelopers carruthersdevelopers May 6, 2014 9:17 AM Flag

    Delta just announced a increase dividend & larger buy back- AAL???

    •8:46 am Delta Air Lines announced plan to return additional $2.75 billion to shareholders through 2016; will increase div to $0.09/share from $0.06/share and introduce new $2 bln share repurchase program. DAL's CEO & management team knows how to treat its' stockholders. AAL's is good but DAL's team knows what investors want. The AAL team needs to wake up. AAL is the biggest airlines in the world. Why is DAL kicking the butt of AAL? The answer, DAL's team is looking like better management. Anytime one is asked witch airlines stock they should buy, DAL is the first pick. Come on AAL's CEO, you need to make AAL be the first stock investors want to buy.

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    • Google: American Airlines chief turns $550,000 bet into $6.8 million

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      • Thanks for that fletch. I've heard Parker say multiple times in the past 6 months (roughly the amount of time I've had AAMRQ/AAL) that he was very much going to do everything he could to increase shareholder value. I believed him and now I'm wealthy. I see the price doubling within the next 1-2 years baring any economic downturn.

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    • ok so they have been out of bk for 6 months and you what....? want them to do a share buyback and or announce a dividend?...Do you have any idea what in gods name you are talking about?...those things are years away,if at all.....and from securitvaults,they need to ''bring out some news''?...what the heck does that mean?..make up news?...everybody wants things to happen overnite,spoiled by a huge run since dec,and are shocked when it does not go up every single day...remember there are people on the other side of every trade in any company....what ''news'' should they ''bring out''? curious....and I am long by the way

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      • Out of bk less than six months ago. First AAMRQ did not go BK. about bringing out some news, how the CEO & his staff have bought shares of AAL rather than the CEO selling more than $25 MILLION dollars of AAL stock in the first 4 months of operation. Are you ok with that? By the way, that does not include the officers selling in those months & all the selling they got when before US Air took over AAMRQ. If that's ok with you , then you're one of the officers of AAL. As a investor that put my money up when I talk, I think this mass selling by the management was ridicules. I'm sure a lot of other investors & big funds did not like it either. Oh by the way, DAL's management has not been there that long but they do know how to run a company & know how to keep investors happy.

    • DAL's management team knows how to treat investors. I like AAL & own both but my DAL is making me more money. Cramer just put a $60 price on AAL. Maybe the CEO & management of AAL will stop selling their free shares & hold them. AAL's team needs to bring out some new news & entice new investors & old investors want to buy more shares. If they keep selling their shares every qtr., then it means they do not believe the stock will go higher. Yes, I understand they need money but the amount of shares they've sold is ridicules. Buy & lead AAL to new highs management.

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