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  • mpginsider mpginsider Dec 8, 2011 1:27 PM Flag

    Manpower Group A Sinking Ship

    Folks, here's the deal...

    The leadership is an absolute embarassment other than Jeff. Jonas Prising is supposedly the "Sales Messiah" but he couldn't sell an eskimo pie to an eskimo. Jorge Perez? What does this guy do? All he does is fly into town, give us a 30 minute talk, have dinner with us, and then he flies to the next town. Meanwhile, various VPs (especially the former franchise owners like Botox Babe in SJ and Gomer Pyle in NC) run rampant and do whatever they want while Senor Jorge turns his head and lets it all happen under his watch. Have you seen the VP of Sales who runs the national account team? She has purple hair!

    We can't win any new large accounts so what do we do? We break up the company and create individual staffing companies that don't and cannot work together. A national account salesperson in our staffing division can't sell IT or Financial or MSP yet they are supposedly national account salespeople. WTF? Talk about creating barriers!!!

    Then because we can't seem to get our operating costs down, we come up with this new age concept called "TALENTISM" and "THE HUMAN AGE" to somehow brainwash the sales organization into thnking we can comman higher margins and sell more deals. Hello??? It's not working! We need to get rid of all the dead weight salaries and reduce our operating costs.

    Does upper management think we are idiots??? Staffing is Staffing is Staffing. It's like buying paper clips for Gods sakes. The competitors who can mange their operating costs are going to be the winners. Addecco is kicking our ass because they are able to offer lower pricing because they can manage their expenses better. It's a total and complete joke!

    The purple haired lady (Dame Edna) with the english accent is supposedly a VP of Sales in charge of national accounts? Heck, I know more about sales than she does. One of my co-workers at corporate told me the national accounts sales team didn't even get their commission plan until June. R U Kidding Me! What relevant, organized and supposedly sales driven company hands out a sales commission plan halfway into the year? Unbelievable!

    Turnover is rampant. VPs fire RVPs because they feel threatend by them and don't want to lose their own jobs so they find ways to fire them. It's happening at other Manpower companies like Right Management, Experis and Tapfin. Negativity and low morale is out of control.


    I can't take it anymore. Somebody throw me a life jacket because if I don't find another job soon, I'm going to drown......

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    • ruudkrul Jun 1, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

      I had more jobs form Obama expected.
      Manpower looking not good.

      idea to go short.

    • Good to hear at least some feedback for the corp execs.

      Turnover in the industry is quite high yet I also feel that morale in the company may decelerate rather than gain traction. The industry as a whole is quite cutthroat however from what I gather that the managers seem to not appreciate some of their sales generator enough and end up losing them to their competitors.

      Re-brandings such as Experis is a huge undertaking however if the underlining fundamentals of becoming a bean counter in terms of expenses while the middle tier continues to bite into pricing for services for MAN it really places into question if MAN will have any major upside.

      It isn't unusual to see flux in revenue within the industry however there perhaps is a deeper discontent within the company.

    • What has been the impact, if any, with the COMSYS acquisition?

    • I agree, Jonas Prising has not done one thing to build the business since he set foot on American soil. He talks poorly about everyone within the organization to make himself look better. Mr. Prising they have finally figured you out...all talk and no substance. Pretty soon you will have no one to push the blame to and it maybe time to look in the mirror!

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