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  • eyewantcandi eyewantcandi Jan 25, 2012 12:23 AM Flag

    Manpower National Accounts Team Is A Total Joke!

    You know, I would like to think that I have a good chance to get promoted at Manpower but apparently I'm too successful in my current job.

    Recently, Laura Kerner got promoted to VP of Sales in National Accounts and not only has she not sold any new business in National Accounts in the past two years as a sales person, but she has very little if any leadership experience. Two years ago she was in client services but now she is somehow qualified to be VP of National Accounts? Are you kidding me? Really???

    Laura has absolutely no experience or background to be a VP of National Accounts and there are many more of us more qualified to be the VP of National Accounts.

    Oh well, time to dust off my resume and find a new job.

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    • I think Laura Kerner is very nice, but there have been plenty of us on the national accounts team with far more success than Laura has had. It's a disgrace really. The only plausible explanation to me is that Sue only wants to hire people she doesn't feel threatened by who won't take her job. Laura's numbers in 2011 were about the worst on the entire national accounts team so many of us are emailing back and forth and calling each other going 'Huh????' What did she do to earn a promotion? The whole thing is perplexing to many of us.

    • There have been a ton of changes recently at Manpower. I left the National Accounts sales team in the because I had finally reached my breaking point. From poor leadership to absurd promotions that make no sense, you name it and it was/is going on. The way they treat people is beyond bizarre and words cannot describe it properly. They even got rid of one VP who was very well liked and respected because he got jumped by a Hells Angel in a bar after hours one night, and because he chose to defend himself, the company fired him under the guise of bad conduct. I guess they would have rather seen him end up in the hospital than defend himself. Others, some very good employees have left the National Accounts team to join the competition. If you look at some of the profiles of Manpower leadership on LinkedIn, it is shocking at how little leadership experience they actually have so it doesn't surprise me that Laura Kerner got promoted to VP. I don't think Sue Tidswell the Senior VP is very confident or secure. I think she is intimidated by certain people and only hires people who she thinks won't take her job. Laura is "very green" and not at all qualified to be leading the National Accounts team in my opinion as a VP.

      And this whole "Human Age" concept is ridiculous! All it is, is a way to get the sales people excited at something that doesn't really exist to hide the fact that Manpower's pricing is too expensive as if to offer something different from the competition.

      It's not working.

    • Yeah, I work with many of the sales members on the national account team, and they are in shock over Laura Kerner being promoted. She ranked last in business growth for 2011 and also managed the one single account that lost more money than any other national account in 2011 yet somehow she gets a promotion to Vice President of National Accounts. There are far more deserving people who deserve a promotion over her. The only management job she ever held is a Branch Manager but somehow she is now competent enough to be a VP.

      In my opinion, I think she is shacking up with somebody which got her the promotion. She can't even sell.

      Let me put it to you this way. I find Laura to be very nice, but she is nowhere near the level of a Tom Schmidt. Not even close. The troops are restless...very restless!

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