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  • helenabrookes helenabrookes Jan 2, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    Too bad all of these negative researchers aren't actually researching anything ...

    With about 10 minutes of real research - following the chain of breadcrumbs left in the press releases, you would find that the reality show is 100% REAL. Google "A. Smith Seattle" - and then go to the A Smith website (which is a very real production company which does produce Hell's Kitchen) - Baristas is actually listed directly on their website. If it was fake - why on earth would they do that? To help Barry in a pump and dump? Now why does that not fit or make sense?

    You are all so tainted and damaged, you actually can't wake up and smell the coffee. Barry has actually figured out the best way to drive up his stock price (and then he probably will dump his shares - as any owner on the planet does when the stock goes up and only when the stock goes up - including Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffett etc.) is to actually produce the damned show.

    So if there was no show - how was it that I saw 3+ minute clips of the show - which actually looks quite good? Did the show produce itself magically?

    Anyone who knows anything about producing a show knows that it does NOT happen overnight. It takes about a year from genuine inception through production - and that isn't including production and scheduling delays - which are always a plenty. If A. Smith got involved in July, 2012 - then this won't come to fruition until a minimum of March - maybe June. That's real research - not just the same old negative bantering.

    Oh - and by the way, Tully's is actually still in play. They won't win - but that doesn't even matter in comparison to the upside of the show.

    And if the stock price drops, even better for dollar cost averaging. Yes - Henthorn wants money - and who doesn't? So because his "friend" is sitting in jail for running pump and dumps - he will obviously do the same thing? That doesn't make sense - so what would a smart person do? Do the same thing and also end up in jail? No - they would actually try to build a company and run up the stock price the old fashioned way - through innovative ideas - and putting together the whole stripper coffee company for the sake of a reality television show - is actually quite genius (I didn't think of it).

    Fools - if this was a pump & dump, the company would already be liquidated and in Chapter 7. The fact that this has been running for years means that has not happened. FYI - Pump and dump companies are not around for years - they are here and gone in under 18 months.

    And remember, this is less than a $7M company. Using the same ten minutes of research, I have exposed $100M companies - and in that same time, not only could I not expose them - I validated them.

    A year from now, you will all be more miserable and depressed than you are now - because you could have paid off your mortgage with the opportunity that is staring at you in the faces now .... but you can't even see it, because ... we know ... evil Barry ... evil Barry .... evil Barry .... evil Barry.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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