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  • efficient_frontier2002 efficient_frontier2002 Dec 1, 2001 11:58 AM Flag

    Vote Yes on Emation

    According to the last conference call, liquidating RVST would be worth only $2/share or less (due to legal fees etc.)

    Emation is our only chance and is a good one:
    1. Profit margin = 75%+!
    2. No current competition to speak of
    3. exciting, potentially explosive, technology
    4. Rapidly growing top line (projected at "north of $20M" for 2002) resulting in Emation breakeven in late 2002
    5. Bear Stearns calculating extremely favorable price ratios (see pgs. 54-57 of proxy) albeit based on RVST's projections thru 2003.
    6. Stock repurchase/insider buying signalling good times ahead

    I first heard of RVST via a STOCK-ALERT email in May. The $4 cash/share was too good to pass up. I initially had mixed feelings in late June over being transformed from a deep value investor to a venture capitalist overnight. (I have 15 stocks -- 14 old economy stocks + RVST) No regrets now! Another poster's target of $22.10 is very possible in the next 1-3 years.

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    • to go. the signs are there. toshiba news will go along way : bringing $$$ + new customers. it is easier to convince new customers to sign deals if they know toshiba is in the club too. everybody knows toshiba, very qualified reference.

      YES on EMAT