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  • natelew2002 natelew2002 Nov 12, 2003 3:51 PM Flag

    Now at 50% premium to Sept's P.P. price

    when was the insider buying done that they spoke of on the conference call? Was it done just before the Russell presentation? or, are they going to buy for over $2?

    Can anyone find if the insider trades have been filed yet on edgar?

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    • The statement about the insider buying was not clear. They were buying on a consistent basis soon after the release of earnings until the June quarter earnings release. During the June quarter conference call they indicated that there was going to be a rollout of Axeda DRM by a "prominent NI." ( They could not reveal the name for competetive reaons). I doubt whether the insiders will be permitted to buy until after the NI is revealed, as the odds are that this news will drive the stock price up significantly. In my opinion, when the NI news comes out it is going to make the price jump today look small. Watch and see.