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  • natelew2002 natelew2002 May 3, 2005 9:42 AM Flag

    Totally SCRIPTED conference call

    please don't consider my comments as accusations. they are facts:

    1) i know of no other company that takes e-mails in place of live questions on cc's. the purpose of a conf. call is to discuss and interact.
    2) fair question. did they attribute who wrote the questions and if so, were any from investment analysts or firms?
    3) fair question; what do you think the company and executive team hopes to gain or avoid by not taking live questions that is customary for other public companies.
    3) commentary and observation. some would find this process to be un-democratic.

    no need to be defensive.

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    • the problem rvst xeda had was that usually the ccs would happen at the same time as much bigger companies and I think it was hard for them to get analysts at their conference calls.

      They do tend to be stealthy as many of their customers don't seem to want that much publicity about the use of xeda. Know the big issue is what % revenue is hosting....

    • It is obvious that at this point there are no investment analysts or firms covering Axeda, so why would you expect questions from such. At one point in regard to the question about the oil and gas industry , he responded to "David". Did that mean anything to you? If you do not like the way Axeda conducts it's CCs nobody is forcing you to invest in the stock. BTW there was an article in the WSJ a couple of months ago, about larger companies cutting out CCs and or CC questions and dropping any future guidance. So perhaps you should address your democratic shareholder initiatives to the numerous larger corporations that are behaving in a more "un-democratic" manner than XEDA.