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  • They had a great quarter. That means that the director fees and officer salaries will go up again and to hell with the shareholders. Jim Ryan will also take a sizeable bonus so he can have spending money while he and his wife are on the convention circuit and golf course.
    The directors are brain dead and should be replaced. If there is anyone out there that still owns this dog they should go to the annual meeting and raise hell. I sold mine last year.

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    • Firstly, thanks for resurrecting the BWCF board! I tend to agree with you. Seems the BOD could care less about the shareholders. Paying a dividend is a very minor gesture. I intended to go to the 2003 annual meeting, but coldn't get away from work. Will try in 2004. I'm not a rabble-rouser, but will ask some pointed questions if given the chance. Thanks for your posting. Maybe others will join in!

    • Yea, this was a dog. Sold atr 23.45 yesterday. Paid an adjusted 2.45 in 1989. Only made 16.5% annnual return. Give me one of your stocks so I can make more.

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      • I disagree with 16+% annually being a poor return!!! This is not a "high beta" tech. stock, therefore your expectations should have been less. It did much better for you than a CD in one of their branches! I invested in BWCF for diversification. You can live and die by the sword (tech. stocks) or use some common sense and seek to allocate a portion of your assets in the "BWCF's" of the world. QUIT COMPLAINING!!! LOL in your other investments. Thanks for posting here and keeping a conversation alive.