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  • golfvek43 golfvek43 Mar 13, 2012 9:38 AM Flag

    Silver at 50


    Good article on yahoo finance and interview with a top analyst and he thinks silver will be back to 50 before the end of 2012. Maybe maybe not but even if he is half right this little stock will be much higher.

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    • listen tool. you mean to tell me that my company 3rd largest in NY scrap of Copper. that buys Mongo from Electrical contractors @ $2.11 per lb
      refines is and sells it back at $3.00 can make money ???

      wow thanks. i had no idea
      maybe i should collect nickles like you and sell my stake so i can earn $2.50 per day like you.

      you MOFO
      simpleton....go back into your cave

    • company event. if Lenny decides to be wise and take some Cashflow and do a buyback say $25million - 35mil

      that would lower the shares out = lower mrkt. cap and increase EPS = justify a higher mrkt. cap
      mrkt cap = eps x higher multiple applied

    • they (fed,china.ecb,imf,japan,uk) will all print dopey no matter what so deflation just causes severe money printing...see charts of m1,m2,m3...since 2008!!!!i am not anywhere near poor you have no clue what your doing other than paying higher taxes for your short term hold and commishes and can actually be created from nothing in a good way its called an junk ag at 30 to percent below spot...take the spread you made on the buy through say an ad in paper saying we buy pre 1965 coins up tox times face value...the spread is used to buy core phyzz silver and hold cost ZERO!!!!!!!!!!u tool

    • <<<but i'll sell AUNFF at $2.20 = 900mil - 1.1 mrkt cap
      if they buyback i'll hold $2.55-2.75
      and i'll sell. Morons like you will look for $10
      and ride it back all the way down.>>>

      I am curious what macroeconomic or company event would cause you to hold beyond your price targets to sell?
      Could there be any in your strategy?


    • Come on. Can you be wrong so bad. 50% drop from your call
      How long will it take for silver to get to $50

      • 1 Reply to mirzaotovic
      • wrong...fed will macro events dictate everything...producer with upside (newsflow,shafter,gold findings and SOON A WEAKER DOLLAR MEANS HIGHER phyzzz ag which is my largest holding,,,aunff great speculation...but im not a trader...i see a secular bull market in pm's and a secular bear market in the dollar...WATCH average cost per ounce of phyzz ag is now about 9 dollars per ounce ...thats in 2.5 years...i buy and sell phyzz and use spread to purchhase my phyzz i own/hold....i dont trade and have never claimed to be one...i am up over 300 percent on my phyzz ag holdings in 2.5 years and will be up 1000 percent in the next 2.5 shot mirzy and NO COUNTERPARTY

    • Ok. Now it's time to close my silver/gold short position.

    • Very simple. Everyone here has a bias. Longs want the stock to go up. Shorts want it down. I'm now buying on the way down but I can only hold 3k to about 5k w/ some comfort. Why?
      Gold/silver statues as a safe haven. Gone
      AUNFF should only strengthen its position from Q2 and beyond
      But it's hard to load the boat on a stock with the underlying commodity tanking every single day. After all, AUNFF is a silver miner and with silver tanking you can't justify loading the boat.
      I'm sick and tired of listening to these morons on this post with their end of world scenarios. The world will not end
      European mess is priced in. The Euro will survive. You'll see a balancing act as the dollar gains strength. Dollar now seen as a safety net. That will push down inflation. You'll start seeing some stability in the US and fiscal discipline but low growth = strength in USD$. Treasuries and Bonds.
      Weakness in precious metals. Euro.

    • are sick. get the emotional aspect out. you might be right but you can be wrong for years. you're willing to pay the price for a few years ???

      you know what happen to the guys that were early on the housing markt. crash ???
      they got carried out

    • my theory is playing out...THE TOOL OF THE FED IS JPM...JP MORGAN told to fall on knife in ORDER TO FINally ONCE and FOR ALL PUT THE GLASS STEGULL (sp) issue to rest...if you think 70 trillion dollars in NOTIONAL derivitive value out there is not a PONZI SCHEME READY to IMPLODE...WATCH..I wrote on FRIDAY this issue with JPM is nothing to what lies ahead..ITS only THE BEGINNING...IF you ever saw THE MOVIE THE HELP...YOU WILL BE EATING THAT PIE some day.....WATCH!!!!!!gloat all you are going to battle unarmed....see this thread you basically agreed with me and fessed up your a trader and thats fine ..BUT NOW YOUR ACTINg LIKE A TRAITOR.

    • You believe that the saucers crashed in Roswell, New Mexico too ???

      Whatever it is that you drinking ??? I want some

      Reality check….economy not crashing. Jobs # 115 k – 125 k right smack in the middle = means economy humming along at a lower growth. That means things are in the 1.5% to 2.3% GDP growth
      Let me break it down to you again you simpleton.
      No FED action anytime soon
      No Need to Print for Qe3 = gold/silver lower + oil + gas = lower CPI and PPI
      No need for safety of Gold/Silver
      Instead, money flow into AAA rated bonds and US$ Dollar
      Strong Dollar = Weakness in metals

      Now….forget your b/s theory of FIAT and crap
      Euro will consist of core group of nations for now. No new members

      stick to what your not good at. whatever that is

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