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  • endurance07 endurance07 May 21, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

    Hard Asset expo and Aunff

    I was at the Hard asset Expo in NYC last week. I was impressed beyond what I originally thought about this company though the story keeps getting better seemingly every week. I am reposting a response just in case anyone else missed my post.

    I asked the one of the top members (I can't remember if it was the CEo or another top board member) about dividends. He stated that he mentioned this topic going forward that AUnff would pay a dividend!

    Of course he said first we are getting the new mine on line. He showed one of the first bar pours. The bar weighed just over 4 lbs. I said jokingly see ya as I walked off with the bar. I gave it back and the other there all laughed.

    So this company is doing great. This is one of the best silver stories of the commodities sector. When silver goes back to 50 or more an ounce we will see 5,6 maybe even $7 a share maybe within a year or 6 months. It will happen quickly too. One day we are going to wake up and all the prices will be out of control. Thank you derivative market...well not really. This whole financial system stinks

    I would start aggressively buy more shares if not tomorrow then by the next week at the latest.

    I bought/ added more shares today at 83 cents.

    I think we hit a bottom in the silver and gold market last week. We head higher from here. Aunff will outperfom the metals. Good luck!

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