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  • david.casciano david.casciano Jun 7, 2012 1:53 PM Flag

    fed out of tools

    MOPE...The bernank should get an academy award for his performance...classic...Watch the dollar index...will roll over soon like in 2's will explode...hows that mirzyy....print print ....dont listen to what the bernank says fool..look and what he does...fed thru imf GONNA BAILOUT EUROLAND!!!!! Still qe..

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    • I was there sitting on my desk 7:30am and heard the NY Fed was giving BCS bear sterns a $645 mil loan. Stock moved up 8 points on that news. I sat there and didn't buy. I watched Lehman move up. I didn't buy.
      And then I thought, holy shiet this is bad. And I shorted some. LEH and Bear
      The bid dropped and all hell broke loose
      This isn't about me making money on the short. This is about how everything works. Everyone at that point thought this system was about to collapse. And it was pretty close. But we survived.

      So when Greece needed €120bil + €100bil
      I said wholly shiet. But the ECB + ESFS stepped up and cushioned the blow
      Tomorrow we'll see how much Spain needs.
      Chinese numbers this weekend should be horrible.
      = And the Germans + Hollande could be defensive
      That would tank the mrkt but good for gold/silver
      That collapse would carry over to June 17 Greek election and a non Confidance vote by Merkel + Hollande tomorrow could give the Greeks the push they need to vote out of Euro = € collapse and that would drag everything down. Europe. China. USA.
      So everything looks bad. Looks like a collapse. End of the world. Right?
      At that point the FED + ECB + IMF would step in and provide a cushion.

      End result. Avg person loses more collective bargaining. Gives up the right to negotiate wages. Probably gives up 30% salary to keep the job. Agrees to work 2x harder to compensate for the fired colleague.
      401k loses 40-50%
      House value drops another 40-50%
      Avg person left with little to no equity. On the other hand, the rich buy everything in sight. Housing. Stocks. Why?
      Inside edge. 90% of worlds wealth concentrated in the hands of 10% of the worlds population. And these guys never lose.

      So the cycle continues. Nothing changes. The system goes on. I've seen in it 92. 99. 2001. 2008. And many more before that

    • It would be, "you're a bagholder", not, "your a bagholder." Please, if we are going to take you two guys seriously, we need to see at least an attempt at proper grammar. Now, mix it up!

    • lol...mirzy you really are funny...i have people wo talk about their gambling wins at the casino....they spent 50k to win 20k...that is what you are...i am not giving trading ideas,i am suggesting what i do from the long view.mega hedge funds,boutigues even MFGlobal went down trading...soon jpm will be fully you really,REALLY THINK ANYONE with a brain or common sense BELIEVES you are a WINNER in this CASINO..LOL LOL 2 funny...Your a bagholder,prob. icbc on ussif have more money and faster tech/computers than the hft/algos....OKAY again if you need to feed your ego on a freeking yahoo mb ,have at it and all the more power to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!you sound like you live a rather "interesting"life.As i said when this derivitive thing blows up ,you talk to me and will see if you dont hold it,how well your doing,k???!!!!I really think your drivel is nonsense and you seem frustrated.if you are winning so much why are you so ANGRY..???I would truly love to see you in person and have a talk with you.It would be fun and inspirational or expirational which is the word.idk what either means anyhow.

    • You are correct....
      More of a numbers guy

    • I would think you are one and the same person as you are both calling one another idiots yet you BOTH are mis-using the word "your". This is elementary stuff here boys. "YOU'RE" is short for you are, not "your". "You're an idiot." Not, "Your an idiot." Now resume fighting, you hot headed New Yorkers, and use proper English. Thank you.

    • up for your want my email...seriously...its not how big or strong one is...though i will know not what or whom of you are a tool and i cant emphasize how you underestimate in all aspects you talk and write...I really promise to meet your challenge.

    • The Euro plunging tonight in after hours
      Come June 17 it'll drop even harder after the Greeks vote out ND (new democracy for you shiet brains)

      And I know you can't swallow the fact that I told you yesterday the Fed rally was bs. No hints. Silver down -5%

      Don't hate the playa. Hate the game

    • You dumb shiet. I've been saying it all week. Banks took the money and stuck it in treasuries. = no inflation. Money wasn't lent out to create inflation.

      You just proved my point for me
      And put a giant hole in your entire existence

    • rents are up cause people cant get mortgages you idiot...not due to rising input costs!!!!!!Large banks are playing the fed easy money game borrowing at zero and earning 3 to 4 percent.also massive shadow inventory in single family homes coming to foreclosure now!!!

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