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  • mirzaotovic mirzaotovic Jun 21, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    Silver Away......ooops wrong direction

    not a good day

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    • David. Stop wasting your time with this person. He is an infant! Have a nice weekend!

    • im not mad at 45 years old an old timer????guess its all money always ends not fightin tape stackin phyzz ag at bargain basement prices...own 9 junior miners and their jus spec's money if you will

    • I have no idea why your soo mad????
      Chill out old timer. Many have held on to loosing positions and lost it all. Besides, the FED could help you out down the line by doing a Qe3. Not much help to us but it would make you happy.

      Look at Japan. Stuck there for the past 20 yrs.
      Boom and Bust. Cycles run and they stop.

      I'm not getting into a conspiracy theory war with you. Clearly you have many theories.

      BTW don't be mad at me. I'm just trying to make money in this rigged game. But unlike u, I'm not fighting the tape....just going along with it

    • oh btw bought more ag yesterday...what a gift!!!,you must work for one of those too big to fail banks??paid shill,and youe girlfriends you bring on this board!!!Whose your boss jamie,or vikram...maybe James???LOLLOL

    • me thinks you doth protest to much!!Europe old news!!!You Hr. market honestly think Piigs arent baked in the cake???SERIOUSLY...ITS a diversion for the usa and japanese mess...obama itchin to start a war as he aint lookin to good for november...simpleton...ha!!!!

    • No answer why a mine next door got the permits and TIRXF didn't. I've asked the same questions and now I'm going to visit the mine and their Turkish counterpart. Unlike most people on this board, I do my work. If the company is full of shiet, I'll be the first to short and call them on it

    • hi mirz,how do we know its the albanian government? you touched on a mine operating next door to tirxf property.why do they have a permit to operate and tirxf doesnt? tirxf is fading into obscurity.questions dont get answered.more and more of the experts are has failed on so many levels.hardly an investment.more like a gamble.

    • I’d never advise you to go all in. I like the story and the potential. Reserves look good so I’m still optimistic. I will buy on the dips but very light. Once they get the permits you buy more. Once mining commences and reserves are proven = you buy more. Their Turkish counterpart keeps up their part of the deal and it’s working smoothly = you buy more. So far things are not perfect. the Permits are a pain and the Albanian gov. is not acting very responsibly

    • Blah blah blahhhhh
      You are a pain because your soo repetitive. It's like the conspiracy theory that won't stop. Simpleton. You are dead wrong.
      Where's your SILVER????
      Where's the FED?????

      No printing. It did nothing the first 2 times
      Even a moron like Burkake realized that. But you can't seem to get it thru your thick peasant skull.

      How do you even have the energy to argue. Always the same b/s
      Fiat this and fiat that. So repetitive
      Simpleton I'll buy you a Fiat. Just STFU

    • Don't hate player, hate game. Not my fault you lose
      Fed does nothing. Like I told u
      Silver hits 29.40 top. Ok I admit the close was 29.50
      I told u buy AUNFF on mrkt weakness. Like I did. .77
      I said AUNFF is 800m market cap. And it will get there but it's not a 2.25billion cap like you said.
      I told you inflation was coming down.

      Not my fault simpleton. This is why your poor. You can't go against the money.

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