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  • mirzaotovic mirzaotovic Jul 18, 2012 12:43 PM Flag



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    • You must understand, if it is a well know fact and everyone knows it, then I'll go the opposite direction because it's already factored in. And no money left trading it of that info. You are working of old news. Priced in 10x
      Like silver going from $11 to $49
      It's all priced in.

    • hey mattb, you could just ignore mrz, are his posts worth reading, are they worth responding to, but maybe you like the back-and-forth, maybe you would miss his posts if you put him on ignore

      glad i held on to this stock, think we go much higher as production at shafter ramps up nice day for silver today, it is looking pretty strong, finally got a 28-hanle, man that seemed to take forever


    • what info????

      you just post b/s
      markets up 60 bps on the spools and AUNFF is stock in the dirt. explain that ??? i know you can't but try anyway.

      and i'm 100% sure you never got the bottom of AUNFF

    • Mirz,you are an obnoxious twit that know nothing of AUNFF but use the board to promote your nonesense and whatever gifts you believe God gave you to lord over others.

      AUNFF is up over 50% from it's bottom this year.

      Either start talking about the company you infest your diatribe with or take your act elsewhere .

      Your act is useless and tiring for any investor looking for information in this company.

    • look at the post from 3 days ago jackass. we all heard the rumors 3 days ago that Dragi and Bernanke were getting ready to let morons like you get de-valued by another 30 %
      so the smart money covered the shorts 3 days ago. and got long SLV and PSLV

      and here you are just now starting to put the dots together. good job simpleton

    • How is this working out for you?

    • i could care less about facts. They don't make any money. Being in a position at the right moment makes money.

      I don't care about the Ratios of debt/GDP or GNP
      why should i care????
      Government created those numbers. just like they created money and they can print it. Whenever they like, they can default. and then what???? nothing

      they create another currency or means of credit. and then what ??? nothing

      i went thru all these political/philisophy debates back in college and that's all it is, debates.

      Government's changes but that's all. The avg. simpleton is still the avg. simpleton. poor and full of hope

    • mirz i dont trade as i told you i am not smart enough too.Some kind of euro will survive as it is as much a political union as a fiscal/economic union.Here is something i find interesting...50 percent of the total outstanding debt of the WORLDS top 10 debtor nations needs to be rolled over by the end of 2015.I like that fundamental fact as Japan and Usa are at the top of this unfortunate list.QE/monetization of debt has to happen and negative real interest rates will be forced in order to service this debt so i INVEST based on data like that ...and REAL MONEY...phyzz AG and AU are really gonna do well over next few years.glty

    • Mirz,

      You are a one man Comedy Hour.Keep up the good work.

      Silver is down a nickel and the Dow plunges 240 pts..

      This is the AUNFF board-UP 50% on the year -might want to take a look:

    • you don't drink ???

      you should start lil guy. i'm about to steel your lunch again.

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