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  • surfrod9 surfrod9 Aug 20, 2012 3:01 PM Flag

    Tells of a PUMP 'N DUMP

    1) Owner lies...1st one's a douzy= Update of July 11th= 'Ramp up phase of Shafter mine is currently underway and progressing ON SCHEDULE' [who's schedule? Which one now?]

    Today's Report= 'Developement of mine currently UNDER REVIEW. Need further mine developement, including upgrade and training of personnel.' *Mental note of rememberance: over 6.3 million BONUS'S in July to just about everyone @ Shafter. WHY? Just as a reference..TOT NET INCOME for all of this year for both mines= 3.4M, a loss (dilution) DOUBLE the net income, yes, I said NET income of ALL the sold metals. We (bagholders) paid them to be in training and delay the 'bonanza' fast track goal 1st stated during the 'pump' stage earlier this year.

    3) Probable common sense would tell a dumb investor that this mine has been gone thru by many previous mining co.'s, their brothers, uncles, passerbys, even their grandmothers. Odds favor a coverup of amount of silver in the mine...excuses starting to pop out, like we are taking a month (June's) in 2nd Qtr to drill a 2nd escape exit out of the mine, upgrading the entrance of the mine, switching to digging in an open pit away from the mine (that was gone thru by great-grandmother and her kin?)

    4) Who (after 1st run) has made money on this stock? Owner, boardmembers, managers, workers...shareholders? Nope. Daytraders and short hedgers like Mirz. It's a long term investment? I'm not that young. Always a few 'kinks' at first? Then WHY pump this stock as a fast track 3.8M the 1st year, and a gazillion oz's by the 5th year? They needed buyers to short, make Mo' MONEY on top of all the rest.

    I get it now! Do you? Pure horsecrap!

    4) The regular and almost orchestrated ups and (esp.) downs ever since the initial runup (when silver was also running). Article after article from many publications on the BIG silver find and the FAST dizzying excavating of said metal, which would jetison AUN to a MID SIZE miner very, very quickly.

    5) The PUMP is OVER..NOW for the DUMP! THAT was the high of this stock, for a long, long time (maybe if for always).

    2) 3.8M the 1st year from commencement of Shafter (April 1, 2012)...NOW= 3M in a full year...huh, which year? Which FULL year?

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