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  • gtcochran Dec 2, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

    Eric Sprott says silver will be the investment of this decade

    Sounds crazy!!! But when you look at history it's very possible!!

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    • gt, look for the fed to announce a new program by year end, so that, when combined with QE3, they will be dumping about a trillion dollars into their money printing scam in the year 2013.......this will make the economy perk up temporarily, and send silver into orbit. ....BTW, it will take more an more printing to get the same effect, and this process will go on forever and ever. Western governments that are trending toward socialism, and ultimately facism to remain in power, will print and print. The rulers will do whatever it takes to STAY IN POWER............and silver, which is gold on steriods, will go to the moon over the next 5 to 10 years.........I expect with this new annoucement for money to pour into the PM sector. commerical production at Shafter..............then maybe we get some drill results back from shafter, then an update in the spring of resources at La Negra, and straight line up production figures from both mines from as here as the eye can see. One thing is clear to me, Lenic R has all his money tied up in the company, and he is going to drive the stock price higher. They released drill results from one hole this past summer at Shafter, and said more results would be released later. Can't wait for results from Shafter.

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      • One thing that will also come to pass is this: latin america, with the exception of mexico and basically brazil and chile, has a lot of socialists down there. The brazilian economy is booming, but the socialist economies are going to infringe on the healthy industries. The evidence to me is utterly clear. Mining will be public enemy number one, over this decade, in countries like argentina, etc....and the miners down there will not receive the premium they reserve. this infringement/taxation/parthership with socialist wanna be's, will really hurt stock prices. it already is and will get much worse. The companies that have their properties in brazil, mexico, the U.S and Canada will receive premiums. Not all at once, but over time. What do you do if you are SSRI or AUY, where a huge chunk of your worth is tied to Argentina, for instance? you cannot sell the asset and move away. You are stuck there, and if the government says they want to tax you an additional 3%, what do you do? Nothing. You must take it, and slowly and surely they will do this, slowly but surely, over time...........The recently elected Mexican president seems like a straight shooter, a huge ally of Uncle Sam. I sold ssri recently because they are stuck down there in argentina. We are the premiere silver all we gotta do is show this, and we will. Lenic is a tremendous leader.

      • I read today that Fitch just downgraded Argentina and predicts that it will default. How long will it take for it to default, who really knows. I sure would not want my investment money in that country, and I believe that people who own metals equities down there will not be committing any more capital in argentina..........and there are a lot of huge miners down there. The leakage should accelarate, as those monies are deployed to safe mining countries. Now let's see: greece is imploding and has reached great depression levels; and all of southern europe is following quite closely, and include France as well, which will utterly crumble. England is a disaster and Germany is a dirty little secret. That stupid experiment is coming to an end. Japan is about ready to implode,...and on and on it goes. America is in a recession, which will get worse...........Stagflation is inevitable. THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS IS TO PRINT TO KEEP THE CREDITORS AT BAY............silver should explode higher starting about NOW..........and aurcana should enjoy huge stock appreciation, along with all silver producers in the following jurisdictions: canada, u.s, which has very little in the way of silver producers, and mexico of course. This 6 month lull is about to end here in a matter of weeks.....I am hoping for a good 2 to 3 year move here in silver, and aurcana is gonna go nuts to the upside.

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