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  • ezechiel7 ezechiel7 Dec 27, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    Big News: Chen Lin is buying Aurcana stock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, i'll bight...Who is Chen Lin?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • google jay taylor miningstocks.............also probably on jay's site there are some audio files of chen lin. There is utterly no question this guy has bagged more than a few elephants in the recent past. i was listening to the files and he seems pretty real. jay taylor, btw, is a good guy; i have read his stuff for many years, so if he weds himself to chen lin, there has been some due diligence already done in spades by taylor. Also, i see that aurcana was very recently ranked 4th among about a hundred mining stocks. Not bad at all. We are in the right company.

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      • per taylor's website: Chen Lin has had a phenomenal track record as a stock picker. Since 2002 he has multiplied his wife's Roth IRA from a little more than $5,000 to well over a million dollars.

      • one last fwiw: there is an audio file on taylor's site, but this is over a month old, and does not include any info on aurcana, just chin talking about a bio he has made a bundle on that is now retracing, plus a little mining stock in panama. Lin does mention early in the interview that he is out west, south of nevada and new mexico, visiting some mining companies. hint hint.

        My best guess is Lin is in the accumulation phase, and has released his buy rec and his investment thinking on aurcana to his own private subscribers.

        Also, as some old time aurcana owners here know full well: it is a fools game to buy a hot stuck, especially in the mining sector over the past year or two. Much better to get a stock that has been "basing" as the company builds its business. There is no question that at some point silver will be the place to be, and I think this will happen sooner rather than later. When this occurs, aurcana will enjoy enormous leverage.

        First the visionaries and early movers in the company and the resource itself

        Then a few very specialists funds take a position, like sprott

        Then the metal begins a move, slowly, quietly. I expect this move soon.

        Then none non-specialist funds move in steadily, over many months. Just a small investment on their part in silver and in aurcana as a premiere emerging producer will do wonders for the share price. "the right stock at the right time."

        Finally, there is a wholesale and sustained move into the metal, in recognition of silver as money and fiat as trash, as the bankrupt sovereigns bonds start being revealed. U.S. bonds and those of other western countries should get hammered. Where will this money go?

        The wholesale move by John Q. Public comes last and it will signify as sea change in opinion.

      • Could you tell us ranked by whom?

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