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  • michaelbrum007 michaelbrum007 Feb 13, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    Clubfoolish (Reverse Split)

    Club, may we have your input reguarding the reverse split?

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    • OOPS! I just realized that I posted a "Strong Sell" above. I ment to post a "Strong Buy".

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • imo, it's a good thing for AUNFF.

      Sometimes it's good and it works (SAND) and sometimes it's not (USGIF) and it doesn't.

      It will work for AUNFF because they have solid production, positive cash flow, growth and a solid game plan. Plus, they have shown they can execute on what they say they are going to do.

      Strongest possible buys, and I'm about to scrounge around to loosen up some spare change and see if I can't accumulate more to reach the 100,000 zone.

      80-82 cents with this profile is absurd.

      btw, everybody that owns shares should make sure that before this R/S happens at the end of March, that the # of shares you hold is evenly divisible by each account..

      : )

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      • 2 Replies to clubfoolish
      • I concur.
        Voted FOR the r/s.

        People I know (plus my own) own over 200,000 shares, and all voted for the split.

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      • Super good move. I thought that this would be done more in the fall as far as timing.

        This is much better for the small investors. ( May have made the move to helped stave off a take over )

        Growth profile here is huge and with operating mines.... not greeenfields..(.with prospective cash flows five years down the road... and hundreds of millions in financing to bring into production) !!l

        La Negra will double production level from the 3,000 level during 2014... Shafter will be operating at the 2,500 level in 2014 ( 4 times current rampup level )
        Resource expansions at La Negra and Shafter.

        Aurcana cash flows explode going forward as silver and equivalent move from the 2.5 million level now to over the 10 million level in 2014. All growth funded and expansions in progress. No five year waits with massive new investments needed to fund !!

    • It is a great idea. 1) Higher share price let's institutional money buy in 2) Enables NY listing
      There is no question this works. Anyone who doubts, go look and see how well Sandstorm Gold SAND has fared since rolling back 1 for 5.

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