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  • david.casciano david.casciano Sep 4, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    negative energy

    is not good,place your quantum understanding and apply it...Thoughts and concentration of energy influence and impact outcomes...walk your talk...peace

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    • I don't like being lied too, especially by a company CEO. Honesty and Integrity, should be the cornerstone of every ceo's business philosophies/actions.

      Causality, or Cause and Effect, is often a heated physic topic/debate. Humans with lower levels of intelligence and conscious awareness (ego )will typically just focus on the effects while higher levels of both look at the cause. Me pointing out the cause of our downfall is merely a meager attempt to vent my frustrations with this equity; for we would be trading at the .80 cent range right now, if Aurcana would have stuck to their word. If we reduce/abstract the problem and we see where we went wrong, we can correct future behavior, which will benefit all that apply. Currently, in a situation now, where I didn't want something done on my property, my neighbor decided to do it (because he wanted to), he then blamed it on my spouse (who was innocent), then proceeded to charge me a higher price than what he paid, and I didn't want anything done in the first place. Of course, everybody is just looking at the verbally abusing, the CAUSE, which is overlooked, work was warranted/wanted and we were lied too......EGO goes for the EFFECT every time.

      Some say that Jesus coined the phrase "there is only good and lack of good". In most cases, I live my life by that creed, because there is a part of me that wants to believe in determinacy, but overlooking errors for the sake of conversational energy is futile.

      If, one is looking for must not be in the market.

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