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  • clubfoolish clubfoolish Sep 19, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    AUNFF got the new $50M tonight

    stock price should be off to the races over these next few months...nothing holding them back from ramping up Shafter far as I know.


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    • While the shares trade as if Aurcana was in bankruptcy... the reality is the exact opposite.

      The funding just secured allows Aurcana to finish the Shafter mill to the planned capacity 1,500.

      Professionals are now in charge and engineers are designing the mill.

      People need to forget the past (let it rest in peace (RIP)) and focus on the future of La Negra and Shafter.
      La Negra is destined with current funding to move toward 4 million ozs by the end of next year.

      Shafter is destined to about 3 million by the middle of next year.

      A year from now... based on the current cash in the bank and the mine planning and current silver prices Aurcana will be grossing between 130 and 110 million ... nicely cash flow positive.

      Warrants will all be extended and exercised for about 45 million in new equity.

      Major expansions will be funded with equity funding and Shafter will be expanded to 2,500 and La Negra moved towards 5,000 tons per day.

      Aurcana at todays silver prices should be trading in the twenties.

      You can invest in the past...... but I look at the future.... not the past.

      I tripled my position below 1.20

      You may also be following REEs.

      This past summer has been a once in a generation ( every ten years or so) opportunity in several companies.

      You should be looking at the future not the past !!!

      how many of you were looking at TNH at $9 or wheaton river at 1.25


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    • Lenny got the cash,big raise coming,shareholder got shaftered

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    • A lot of people are talking about getting their investment back, understandably. I think they call this the break even syndrome? It will continue to hold the price down for awhile, as each time it reaches someone's break even point, they will sell. However, I have not held on to these for two long years just to break even. After all the sellers are finished getting their investments back, perhaps it will take off. I expect it to take quite a while but who knows? I am not really in a hurry to sell and get paper money back anyway. That paper money just continues to lose value all the time. It may not be as visible as the "lost" investment since they have doctored the inflation basket and numbers, but just try going grocery shopping and see what you think. My thinking when I bought this was it was a way to buy precious metals with upside potential. I could have faulty thinking but it still looks that way to me. Perhaps they can manipulate the price of PM's down forever but I believe it will eventually be impossible. In any case, "they" are probably just waiting for the time to be right for them to manipulate the price way up. I will keep an eye on PE and when the price has doubled or tripled or more, then maybe I will sell. GLTA

    • The cash infusion is just what the doctor ordered.
      With the mine operations talent added so far and engineering studies replacing seat of the pants mine management the mill should be up to the 1,500 throughput and recoveries expected at the end of the first quarter.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thank God! Hopefully, silver will rise to former we can get our investment back.

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