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  • stdennis44 stdennis44 Nov 8, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Fire sale..........

    Anymore drop in Silver Bullion price and Aurcana could be headed lower. Back on 6-27-13 share price hit $1.11. Sounds ridiculous but over exhuberence goes both ways.
    I'm not adding till I get some more oil that pays a 9% divi.
    $1.11 to $2- a share is fine by me. Lots of time t add.

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    • buy phys. imo no counterpartyrisk...miners are allowing the naked shorting by hft/algo's and paper unallocated comex manipulation and LEVERAGE....south african miners can strike and the american and canadian etc. miners can't come together and say enough is enough.cmon....see barrick and peter munk past history.why aint sprott buying all the comex silver?????he's a bullionaire????don't make me a conspiracy Iknow one thing if you hold it you own it,and your odds are better than depending on miners,regulators,central banks,derivitive/ swaps manipulators.Sometimes you got to TAKE ALL ThATS HAPPENED ,HAPPENING,AND APPEARS WILL HAPPEN (DILUTION) AND SAY " something is not right.When you hold it what do you Have ????rhetorical ?

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