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  • Can anyone give me any personal feedback on this stock relative to others in the industry? Is it really as good as the chart looks? I am looking for a quality place to put some inheritance $$$. After doing my own TA DUK's chart and fundemantals look great compared to almost all others in industry. Any comments would be appreciated from longs on this one. Thanks.

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    • Me too;don,t miss the money but it has really boosted overall gain.DUK DRIP is the way to go for the serious investor.

    • Additional benefit of Duke DRIP - you can have Duke do an electronic trasfer from checking to DRIP each month. Minimum was $25, but may have gone up. This $$$ purchases shares (fractions) immediately. No brokerage fees. It's a great way to accumulate. Been doing it for years. Pay yourself first.

    • Thanks for clarifying that point.Consult message 88.

    • The big difference between a duke drip and a broker's drip is not really about proxy and all that. The difference is TIME.

      I use Suretrade. The way their "dividend reinvestment" works is totally different from a company drip. When dividends are paid, they go into your account. MOST BROKERS ONLY BUY IN WHOLE SHARES. What this means is that IF YOU USE A BROKER'S DRIP... YOU MUST WAIT FOR ENOUGH DIVIDEND BUILD UP FOR THE BROKER TO BUY A WHOLE SHARE. Ie, I own a mere 5 shares of DUK. That means I get about 2.70 a quarter. If I used a broker's drip, I would have to wait YEARS before my dividends ever bought any stock.

      On the other hand, when you use Duke's (or another company's) Drip program, the dividends AUTOMATICALLY BUY MORE STOCK WHEN THEY ARE PAID EACH QUARTER. The end result is that each partial share which is bought will appreciate in the meantime, whereas the dividends must build up as stagnant cash in a broker's account until they have enough to buy you a whole share.

      The simple answer: get in duke's drip program. That way your money will constantly grow with the increase in the stock's price. (for cash which is built up with a broker, not only is the money stagnant, but Duke's price is increasing... that means that you are going to get less for your money when it actually builds up to the time when it will by whole shares.


    • I hold DUK shares (just bought more) in a street name through my broker. I get monthly account records, recieve all DUK reports, and do vote my shares.

    • Sorry, but I've always had all my companys in street names and have voted a proxy on every one of them. Can't imagine Duke is any different, think your info may be wrong on that one. Good luck today all!

    • my duk is in a street name and I got the proxy and
      annual report today. I don't reinvest the dividends
      but the money goes into a cash account???

      did you see how many shares of common duk has??
      I think it was under 400m. not many compared to the
      I think duk is going to give us all a great ride.

    • In addition to purchasing DUK common stock at a lower price with no commissions, your shares purchased through DUK and are in your name. Therefore you are sent the annual report and proxy and are eligbile to vote your shares as part of the annual shareholders meeting.

      When stocks are purchased through a brokerage firm and dividends reinvested they are held in the "street name" (i.e. the
      brokerage firm) and you do not get the proxy or right ot vote your shares at the shareholders meeting. You get a statement (probably
      quarterly)showing the number of shares you own and the dividends paid out (or reinvested) but technically you are not the holder of the stock.
      In this scenario the DUK shares are registered in the name of the brokerage firm and not your name with relation to the

    • Have a few acquaintances at RGS who have felt for some time they will be bought out by DUK.

      Anyone care to speculate?

      I think RGS will merge with someone eventually; I'm not sure who it will be.

    • DUK DRIP is free,usually at slightly less than market price.End of year consolidated statement shows all activity on one piece of paper makes for easy record keeping for establishing cost basis.Over time no commissions really helps bottom line.

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