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  • jtj9jtj9 jtj9jtj9 May 5, 1998 8:21 AM Flag


    WHAT?? IS this YUTZ confused or what??!!

    SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 4, 1998--Utility
    stocks are no longer the cash cows they once were, and
    yield-seeking investors had better look to other sectors of the
    market to satisfy their needs, a professional money
    manager warned Monday.

    Jack K. Heilbron, chief
    investment officer of Centurion Counsel Inc. in Rancho
    Bernardo, Calif., said in a letter to clients that ``the
    days when an investor could buy a utility and look
    forward to steadily increasing dividends are over.''

    Heilbron predicted that ``most utilities are going to cut
    their dividends because of intense competitive


    Heilbron said the deregulation of the U.S. power industry
    has created some good investment opportunities,
    including Duke Energy Corp. [NYSE:DUK - news] and Enron
    Corp [NYSE:ENE - news]. He characterized these as
    ``the prototypical growth stocks of the future,'' but
    noted that both pay dividends of less than 4 percent.

    Utility stocks are going to behave much like telephone
    company stocks after their industry was deregulated,
    Heilbron said. Two decades ago, the yield on telephone
    stocks was above average in the market, but today the
    yield is as low as 1 1/2 percent, he pointed out.

    hes covering his ass both ways.

    I say, 4%??
    WHAT are you getting from your bank????
    Plus note
    DUK has ALLWAYS paid a fair dividend, plus any SMART
    invester KNOWS that when the price goes down you get MORE
    when you dividend RE-INVEST. So your 4% is
    actually MORE in the end. AS for behaving like a phone
    WOW , I wish it would !!! HAS any one been following
    the activity of LUCENT.

    YOU can give diffinative investment info, stay home
    and play video games, maybe your good at that!!

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    • DUK is famous for 10% corrections and then moving
      higher.Check the charts.Plus overall market has been very
      choppy for last 30 days.Concerns over rates and earnings
      growth may be legitimate.If you own DUK ,just
      remember,this is an investment not a Vegas crap shoot.For all
      the right reasons this is a great investment.

    • Not a lot of activity here of late. Seems that everyone is emulating DUK, Going to sleep!! Does anyone have any news that might wake up DUK, so we can keep up with the rest of the market?

    • Near NYC.

    • sparky...where do you live?

    • it sure is nice to know that someone else
      understands something besides the bottom line. duk is not the
      only one, it"s scarey to think most are reading the
      same book. we might make a lot of money at first, but
      i"ll settle for some consistancy over the long haul.i
      might be wrong but i have always heard from the older
      generation that was one of the main reasons they bought
      utility stocks in the first place, "safety". if they
      wanted speculation they bought an oilwell. i"ll admit
      that i"m scared of deregulation for more than one
      reson, think for just one min. with no thought of your
      pocketbook, try living your day to day life with no
      electicity. unless you"re really laid-back, after 4 or 5
      hours it"s a real pain, after 4 or 5 days it"s a
      nightmare. it's almost impossible to do any kind of work
      without it. so if the whole country goes deregulation,
      what happens WHEN it doesn"t work?

    • .........but fell by 8 percentage points from
      year before. Not a good trend. Recently tried to get
      service connected to a new address. Holy cow! What a
      trip! Talk about a fiasco! Brain drain starting to take

    • Personally, I think he's right. The old regulated
      yield driven model is dying. The best utilities are the
      ones that will see dramatic growth in a de-regulated
      environment. That's where he puts DUK.

      Incidentally, LU
      isn't a phone company - try BEL or FON.

      • 1 Reply to graham01
      • How quickly will the "new" model become valid?
        Already, several utilities have scaled back plans to enter
        in the mass market to provide power in places far
        afield from home. I would think that there are concerns
        with how quickly people will be willing to jump ship.
        Look at the phone industry was the comment. From a use
        perspective, competition for local service has yet to enter my
        area so that the analogy has only limited validity.
        Most of the changes I see are mobile networks
        penetrating other areas. This because they require very
        little infrastructure. In the future the model will be
        different, my question is when does the future get here?

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