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  • unbearibull unbearibull Jul 27, 2009 7:58 PM Flag

    What other stocks would SQNM longs recommend?

    Compugen (CGEN) up 500% YTD. Has a lot more room to run IMO. Revolutionary drug discovery platform using computer algorithms. Started by Martin Gerstel who founded Alza which later sold to Johnson & Johnson for $14B.

    CGEN has created unique in silico computer models of the genome, the transcriptome, the proteome and the peptidome (peptides or protein fragments that are critical for modulating what are called the GPCR receptors in the body).

    Rather than discover through experiment the peptides that modulate these receptors as the rest of the industry does, Compugen's computer based algorithms predict and select them. 40% of all drugs operate by impacting GPCRs. The issue is sorting out the peptides that modulate GPCR receptors in the body. The CGEN algorithm working on the model of all the peptides in the peptidome found 30 that would address the body's receptors. Of the 30 peptides found by the model, 8 were validated.

    The average in the entire industry is two a year. Compugen found 8 in one processing of the peptidome through the algorithm.

    More info on CGEN technology here...

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    • I agree CGEN could be a monster stock. Eventually big pharma will be licensing their discoveries and when that happens the stock will explode. Their latest find CGEN-25017 is very promising as a drug for diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. CGEN-25017's anti-angiogenic properties have potential as a cancer treatment as well.

    • Wow I own those as well

      BEAT is great, look at the chart.

      MTXX is also an Awesome stock, look at the chart.

      These are different types of plays, but check out the charts of, GNBT, ASTM, LVLT, and spec play

      I have done very well this year, check out these charts of these stocks, u may be rewarded imo.

    • Thursday, August 27, 2009

      Compugen: The Evolution of a New Platform for the Rational Design of Therapeutics
      In March 2008 Compugen announced the development and validation of its Blockers of Disease Associated Conformation ("DAC Blockers") discovery platform for the identification of peptides that block proteins from adopting their disease associated conformations. A little over a year since this announcement, there have been further announcements concerning the platform's initial therapeutic candidates, CGEN-25007 for inflammatory bowel disease and CGEN-25017 for retinopathy, both of whose in vivo results are best understood from the attestations of the outside parties who performed the testing.

      Re CGEN 25007:

      "Professor Markus F. Neurath, from the University of Erlangen, Germany, who supervised the study and is a recognized world expert in this field stated, 'The results achieved with CGEN- 25007 are very impressive. In the past, we have evaluated numerous molecules in this model but never saw such dramatic effects. If these results continue to be confirmed in further studies, this molecule should represent a very exciting drug candidate for this substantial, and largely unmet medical need.'"

      Re CGEN-25017:

      "Professor John S. Penn, from the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, who supervised the study and is a recognized world expert in this field stated, 'The efficacy achieved with CGEN- 25017 is a fairly rare finding in this model. Based upon our past experience conducting efficacy trials of this type, CGEN-25017 falls within the top 10% of all test compounds that have passed through our hands. Thus, in my opinion, CGEN-25017 warrants further development and study as a potential therapy for angiogenesis-related diseases.'"

      There is nothing "hit or miss" about these discoveries. As noted by Compugen:

      "To date, peptide blockers predicted by this platform have been validated experimentally in functional assays for 11 out of 12 protein targets selected for screening."

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