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  • uplata uplata Mar 1, 2010 6:15 PM Flag

    earning ah?

    don't see..any idea?

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    • insider information is only for the insiders. so you're saying that cramer has inside info on all the stocks he talks about. what a joke. he or his cronies have a short position in sqnm and he used his show to bash it. by citing the financials, it was easy to see that he was grasping straws in a desperate , pitiful effort to get his groupies to sell. what a shill for goldman sachs. better sell kazoom it's gettin' late in the game.

    • Awww the buggie monster will get us!!! HAHAHAHA! That idiot doesnt know the difference between his head and his A22!

      Sorry for you shorts but I have no pittie for you! you were warned invest in companies not stocks! that will teach you a lesson

    • don't listen to kazoom, uplate. he's grasping straws in a last ditch, pitiful effort to get people to sell their shares. he has no credibility, he spreads false and malicious rumors and it seems only he and his coshorter cramer are worried about financials. i think the short sellers missed something along the way here. you can see the desperation watching the pps finishing strong near or over the hod in the last two sessions. in previous sessions sqnm was closing quite a bit less than the hod. these shorts are waiting and praying till the last minute and then get forced to buy. pretty amusing i think. don't worry and don't sell. buy more. these are bargain basement, blue light specials for this stock. btw... etrade is stating that earnings release is the ides of march.

    • ==2nd update****

      cnbc jim kramer last week advised his viewers to sell sqnm due to bad financials!! Be aware!!

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