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  • hollandjoey hollandjoey Mar 24, 2010 4:15 PM Flag

    FOLKS - I am very excited today


    You may not care but this was a game changing position on a couple of fronts. The presentation came and went. No EXPLOSIVE news and yet we did not see a 20% immediate drop. WHY - because it is becoming extremely obvious that Sequenom is NOT phucking around. This group is in this game to have a good name, good products, strong leadership and most of ALL trust in the arena of genetic testing. Secondly, the shorts did not get their 3rd instant cash pay-out after the conference and professional large short interest players heard the presentation, the outline and the near term forecast / goals. The short play is about to be reversed. I'm not saying that, trust me, the short makers are DEFINETLY saying it. Time is on the long side now. It took about an extra 5 months according to my journal, but what the hell, it is here now. GLTA - Joey.

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    • March 23-24 will be historical markers, BUMP.

    • """Time is on the long side now. It took about an extra 5 months according to my journal, but what the hell, it is here now."""
      shorts cover.

    • We survived round 2 of what normally would have been a blood bath. I am very excited today, Day #2 in a row. Shorts, cover.

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      • It seems i'm not the only person who is surprised.

        The stock has been following the market the last few days. The volume has lowered a lot. Strangely, the available shares to short stays steady also.

        So low volume, steady shortable shares, and low market. And it follows the market. Looks like "normal" trading going on ( its been a while ;) ).

      • We have to give Harry allot of credit. While the pumpers and bashers express acute anxiety over the future of Sequenom, He just plods along, ever-closer toward their objectives.

        There's been enough said that tells us that this company has a lock on the T21 test. When it happens, the data will be strong enough to move the stock up exponentially. These swings in price will mean little, considering the promising future.

    • This CC was also the most clear from the 3 CC's...

      Earnings CC: *Euu*, *Euu*, *Euu* + Long Delays, and some details lacking ( like with the dilution missing information about the settlement )...
      17'th CC: *kuch*, *kuch*, but better, more to the point...
      24'th CC: A few times drinking, but also to the point, with some more details...

      Today, while it closed 8 cent lower, when looking at the rather red day, it was a nice close. Was hoping on a green day, and it looked good for the most part, but the market desired otherwise. The market dropped from -0.40% to -0.80%, dragging SQNM down with it.

      10.1 Million shares traded, and 8 cent difference ... *lol*

      We will be seeing more analyst upgrades in the (close) future. I don't think that the other analyst's can afford to stay on the sideline forever ( seeing some off there ratings ). There are 10 confirmed analysts tracking SQNM. Only 3 have altered there ratings. That leaves 7 that can change on a day's notice. I also noticed a few on the Yahoo analysts list, that are not on the SQNM there website, that track the stock ( so more then 7 ).

      The fact that the shorters amount has increased AGAIN, with 1 million, going upwards. And like i said in a other topic, we don't see Shorters covering when it drops, in general they short even more ( probably combined with protective options ). Its been almost 5 months, that we have had so many shorted shares...

    • 210 is very good year for SQNM unlike 2009

    • Good post Joey.. you get a 5 star!

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