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  • farzad1234 farzad1234 May 31, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

    4 dollars before the end of the day!

    We are to exit the 3's and enter the 4's from here on..

    Just be patient.. The chart has shaped and its time for a turn around..

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    • If you read his comments he was spot on.

      All he said was the stock may go up or it may go down. The only scenario he didnt cover was an UNCH day.

      Thats his game... he makes 4 or 5 calls throught the day and one of them is bound to be close enough for him to claim he called it. He just expects you to forget all the laughable wrong ones.

    • Ok smarty pants....What does your charts say today??

    • Farzy get a grip. All you are doing is saying the stock could go up or it could go down. Do you really think that’s helping anyone?

      You’re feeding right into the hands of the guys who are making fun of you, just relax.

      Looking at a 6 month or a1 year chart is not going to help you make any reasonable kind of decision on where the next 20 cent move in the stock is going to be, its just not, sorry.

      Besides only a fool would make a decision based on what they read on this board and those sorts of fools don’t have enough money in the game to matter.

      SO just relax, if you have fun posting here then just have fun but don’t expect people to take you seriously come on it’s a yahoo message board.

    • Exactly.. That's exactly I am doing.. Just telling you smart guy if you know how to read charts then you tell us what do you see..

      HOw do you think charts are read? Just base it on one direction?? NO dude, you watch every move and then decide sell or buy..

      You must be one of those who don't wish for some of the people that are buying based on your hypes or shrots, people make every day decision.> That's how people lose money and you all enjoy it..

      For me it's all about tell it like it is.. When you see the trend is changing change the trend..

      Now you need more line to use from me..

      Here this one would help..

      Buy low sell high,, Short high and buy low..

      You got it smart pants??

      The game is about making decision for your money every day, every minute and every second andn not seat here like a duck letting the hedge funds rape the gulible peope listening to bs posted here..

      At least I let them know be careful, make money, and get out quick, not there is going to be this great company with such great miracle that could cure the crisis in US and around the world..

      Folks these people are part of the game.. Watch for them. They don't want you to learn how to buy and sell as the chart shows you how to .. These guys want to make sure you buy when they are selling and tell you sell when they are buying..

      I tell you buy and sell.. If you bought at. 3.70 there is room to 4 dollars if it didn't hit it, then be ready for 3.51 support as it could go that low and if you wait you could buy that low and sell it at 3.70 on the way up..

      Few of those a day you could make few bucks and not waiting for these crooks eat your lunch..
      Got it dude??

      Buy low sell high, sell high buy low.. Got it..

    • exactly stormy! a piece of work, isn't he?

      I will make another prediction based on his prediction today...we either go up or down tomorrow... unless we are unchanged, in that case, I will be very close to being right!

      and they wonder why they lose so much in the market... with minds like this! lol

    • So basically what you are saying is that you didn’t really mean it when you claimed we would be over 4 by the end of the day. You didn’t mean this day you just meant there will be a day in the future where we will be over 4 dollars.
      In reading your last hysterical post you jabber on about 4 bucks and 4.30 but you also cover yourself by claiming there is a good chance we could see 3.51. In your wisdom you are covered. If we go up from here you can say you called that move even if the day was wrong, and if we go down from here you go that covered too so either way you can claim you made the right call. Excellent work!! That’s some of the finest BS on the board, at least it was until you claimed its not a prediction but a fact. Don’t let the fact that future price movement can only be a prediction by fedinition and not a fact until it occurs, that would ruin your post.

      I really love this quote from you…
      “Until then yes, it could go either way based on reading the charts, not predicting anything but calling as I see it.”
      So you’re not predicting you’re just “calling as you see it” and your great call is we couldgo up or we could go down. Wow man that’s some really in depth technical reading.


    • I wonder who is more pathatic here, you or me??

      For me simply suggesting the price could go to 4 meaning we are on a bullish side, in which I believe we are from here on with some correction if you know anything about charts..

      Yes, stock goes up and down if you don't know that, and yes, it could go over 4 any day now but dude, we need to be over 6 make any decent money, don't you get it/?

      We are moving up as I see it but then again I make it very simple for you there is a good chance that we have to meet the support level at 3.51 and that could happen any day as well.. If we pass over 4 dollars and pass 4.30 then we are on the road to better days..

      Until then yes, it could go either way based on reading the charts, not predicting anything but calling as I see it..

      Hope you bought some since you would be very happy if this company does anything good then you wuold make money and if they don't we all lose money..

      No prediction but facts and I know that's not something you like to know.. You want a miracle.. Until this company don't show some kind of good news, we ain't see notin!!

    • All you need to know about farzad is easily learned by reading his other posts. He tosses a lot of charting terms and phrases around but he does not know much about them.

      The fact he is talking about 3 month 6 month and longer charts on a turnaround during the day says it all. Generally his MO is to call for a huge rally and then when it does not occur he says its all manipulation or he’ll post extra bs about the rally coming the next day. He just tosses enough BS at the board with the hopes that some of it will stick.

    • there we have it... another SQNM fool shown to all!

      not only did we come NOWHERE NEAR $4 by the end of the day, but went NO HIGHER than the price at the time of your foolish post, and closed a penny LOWER!

      take a bow, in the SQNM board world, you have done very well with that prediction (relative to the other idiots)!

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      • You say what you want, but simply take a look at the 13, 50, 100 and 200 days, look at the MACD, Accumulation, RSI, directional movement, momentum and then look at the candles chart, and there you see the direction is changing. As I said, it could go another 10 cents down or take off before the end of the day.. Oh well, my call didn't come thru, but it shall. I know charts don't lie.. There is manipulation on this stock and once could see it..
        You look at the chart for the three months, 6 and the year again you shall see the same movements is taking place..
        There is a good reason to believe the hedge funds and especially the firm that bought this stock at around 3.56 few months ago, have some free trading shares that they know how to use the play to short it when needed..
        I told you long ago I worked for a company that paid their management by shorting the stock right after they posted a good news.. The shorted the stocks out of Canada and oh boy, did they enjoy the ride for 10 years?? They sure played everyone including me that i was very close to the management..
        Now, I see the same game played here. As I said, this stock will move with a great news, and I have a feeling either they have something of substance that some claim and the company or they are just using those free trading shares and have the exit strategy by pump and dump and the firm that gave the the money makes millions and the company pays their bills..
        I am not for or against this company, I am all about making few bucks and I got fooled by some of their scam that I should have known better..
        Just hang in there there is going to be a turn around based on the charts.. I am just telling you what I see and I knowI am right..

    • nice call, i'll have to follow your advice more closely.

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