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  • patworth123 patworth123 Mar 5, 2013 3:20 PM Flag


    The JapanSociety for Obstetrics and Gynecology has just issued guidelines for maternal testing which could open the door to SQNM's test. Although its use would be limited by their strict guidelines- women over 35 who had previously had a child with chromosomal abnormalities. A final decision is forthcoming this month. The full story can be read in FierceMedicalDevices by Mark Hollmer on March 5.

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    • Excerpt Japan Times:
      reads a lot diferently..."women who are 35 and older at the time of birth,(COMMA) those who" comma makes big difference from your info.
      In December, the JSOG issued a draft of the guidelines stating that the test should be limited to pregnant women who are 35 and older at the time of birth, those who have previously given birth to babies with chromosomal abnormalities, and women who have been diagnosed with the possibility of carrying such babies with earlier prenatal exams, including ultrasonography.

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    • Strict? guidelines? You have to have the condition before you can be tested for the condition???
      I do hope you read it wrong...

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      • I AM, here's the para, verbatim, copied and pasted from the FierceMedicalDevices by Mark Hollmer on March 5 article. (You can google it up and read for yourself, it specifically is keyed to SQNM's MaterniT21 test only and no other, but here it is)

        "JSOG draft guidelines would limit using the blood test to pregnant women ages 35 and older. The test would also be restricted to women who have previously had children with chromosomal abnormalities, and women who have already been diagnosed in earlier prenatal exams as at risk of having trisomy 21- mutation babies, according to the story. Additionally, hospitals in Japan that offer the test would ideally have full-time doctors with expertise in prenatal diagnosis. JSOG recommendations also call for a certified genetic counselor on staff who would work with pregnant mothers-to-be before and after the diagnostic test."

        I interpret it to mean that all women over 35 have the green light for the test, regardless. The second sentence applies/covers, IMO, those (other) younger women with previous abnormalities and/or with prenatal exams that are suspect, etc. IMO, having the Japan market cornered, exclusively, is a meaningful/signifcant plus to SQNM's bottom line. Very good news indeedy!!!

        This is "THE" year we had hoped that the stars would start to align, and, it seems they are (becoming a reality now). Regards, Bud

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