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  • benjiro33 benjiro33 May 31, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    Anybody looking at the institutional ownership numbers?

    What was it, 7 months ago? we hit 68%? A low point then ( coming from 73% ).

    Maybe nobody has been paying attention, but for a while now, the Institutional ownership has slowly been climbing, period after period. Now i noticed that it already hit 75%???

    Yes yes, that is a good sign. *sigh* Everybody happy that i said that. *lol*

    What i wonder about more, is where is this coming from? We are at a very low stock price point, yet, clearly the big boys have been buying shares.

    Possible explanations are:

    * Retails investors are leaving, and companies are picking up the shares. Kind of keeping the stock from dipping too low.

    * Or ... our short & companies are one and the same, playing the game of shorting / covering / acquiring shares, as they keep the price low.

    My money is on a combination of both. Short interest has stayed withing a 35 - 38M trading range for the last 6 months it seems. Is this a good sign... who knows...

    The fact that yesterday we had a PR, today we had a analyst join ( again ), and the bell news. Yet the stock did only about 10 cent gain... So investor markets do not seem to be the ones responding to news anymore. What makes it strange...

    Maybe the external investor market has dried up ( tired of the manipulation? ), and we see constant company bots trading / fighting between themselves. Might explain the low response on the different news. Bots do not read the news, they just react on the stock based upon algorithms.

    Anyway... good weekend to all. Lets hope we finally get some Judge answer on that Ariosa case, before SQNM becomes 99% in the hands of the companies.

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    • Benj, "Yes yes, that is a good sign. *sigh* Everybody happy that i said that. *lol*" Huh? I mean WOW!!! (Had to pinch myself, etc.) Maybe one of those R.P.McMurphy shock treatments/zaps actually worked? Took hold? (LOL) Your timing of "coming around" is impeccable my dear sir, just in time, IMO, for the famous "3rd Qtr" SQNM turn around (S/P-wise). Am predicting a very compressed, action-packed time period. Stay tuned. Regards, Bud

      PS Benj, hold that "Half glass full" attitude to, at least, the end of the 3rd Qtr, Deal?

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    • 23 new positions 12.7million shares
      67 increased positions 18.7 million shares
      57 decreased positions 13.7million shares
      19 sold out positions 3.9millions shares (wimps)

      about 13.5 million share net gain for institutions according to Nasdaq
      85.5million shares of a 105million float that's 80% of the float.

      I find it quite confirming of my position...
      Not all the weak hands were in retail.
      I still can not come up with a reason to short at this level.
      There is something like 15million shares short all under $5.00 and where will they find the shares to cover just those? Most of the weak hands are gone....
      Most of the institutionals are not in a hurry and a lot of the ones with borrowed shares can't sell them until they are returned.
      Take out us confirmed strong retail longs and there won't be many shares to cover with.
      Apparently the the same 5 to 10million shares trade back and forth every few days...
      We's watchin'....

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      • bhirschbein Jun 1, 2013 1:33 AM Flag

        The convertible bonds that earn 5% a year are convertible at $4.63 a share, and as such they represent about 28M shares that are essentially covered at $4.63 if all of them would have been bought by the shorts. Unlikely, I suppose, but I would think the shorts bought some of those convertibles. Who knows? As for me I don't understand the short thesis except to the extent that they are able to manipulate this stock because of it's historical weakness, so they do. At some point they will cover, probably most of them with a profit. I am not one to predict a short squeeze. They will find a way to avoid that, just based on how effective they have been so far at building resistance levels above us. We don't need a short squeeze. We just need to have HH continue to execute on the plan. If you ignore all the noise it's not too hard to see that he has been doing exactly that.

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