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  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 10, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    Lawsuits by crooks..a good sign that SQNM has hit the bottom

    I can't seem much downside from 3...what else can go wrong?? Nothing. The billing and re-imbursement issues have to be better this Q and due to their cost cutting efforts, the earnings have to go up as well. I know initially reducing workforce is taken as negative and stock goes down bi=ut ws still only cares about the profits..and that they will have in a the next few quarters.

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    • "I can't seem much downside from 3...what else can go wrong?? Nothing."

      I want to pay to have that on your tombstone! lol

    • you really are an idiot.

    • biolosingfinder, why all the questions today? You told us at $3 that SQNM hit bottom!

      You told us "what else can go wrong?? Nothing. "

      Can you imagine? Someone thinking they understand ANYTHING about investing actually stating that nothing more can go wrong with a company? Are you a child?

      I said you were a fool and knew nothing. Who was right?

    • biogemfinder, you showed up yesterday but somehow you haven't followed up on this one, when you told us that the lawsuits meant that SQNM had hit bottom. We were at $3.00 on that day, and now we are 55 cents under that "bottom" you told us about.

      You clearly told us that "I can't seem much downside from 3" yet we are 18% lower now! lol

      Can even someone with your intellect understand why you look like a total fool now? This even after your classic post about July earnings being moved up for "no other reason" other than the earnings were going to be great?

      So the question begs, have you ever been right here biogemfinder?

    • remember folks, the same idiot who said the ONLY reason the July earnings date was moved up was because the earnings were so good, also told us here this month "I can't seem much downside from 3"

      THIS is why we are down to 2.75! Fade the ignorant!

    • They are not lawsuits but investigations into........
      SQNM did nothing wrong IMO. Now if management incompetence was a crime they may be on to something. Remember the very first question from the very first analyst during the last CC.
      "Why didn't you warn?" Current management doesn't understand The Street and most likely never will. That's why the PPS is constantly punished by The Street. Seriously, this current crop has got to go. We truly need fresh blood at the top.

    • Broke ambulance chasers who reaching for straws.

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