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  • individuaione individuaione Oct 17, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    Two year Anniversary of Maternit21, shorts last gasp

    Its obvious, the shorts prepared one last attack on the pps on the 2 year anniversary. Nothing says "in your face" like a dump-a-thon on this most "holy" day. THANKS for the shares.

    Congrats to the company for surviving 2 long years of concerted attacks by a semi-worldwide rabble of SEQ-haters. Oh well, as btomm would say-- nice work HH, you screwed up again.

    BUT I say, 2 years in and SEQ has made the market for NIPT. SEQ's future is looking brighter with every legal development. And SEQ. stands for the US Patent system, which will eventually vindicate SEQ.


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      Indy! Did you take this one? lololololol

    • Can anyone imagine how ironic it is for anyone to make such a statement 2 week from yet ANOTHER 25% decline after the 35% from earlier?

      Tell us again about the "last gasp" for shorts individuaione!

      Do you understand how foolish it is to be obsessed with shorts who have 40% gains before this, while you are sitting on 40% losses?

      What are you good at again?

    • If this is an attempt at infusing a little humor into a house of horrors for longs, ok, an amusing thought!

      Hedge funds aren't generally known for being particularly sentimental where anniversaries are concerned though.

      Personally, I never saw any compelling reasons to own this stock in the past, but decided to allocate a small % of port value in the 2.70-2.80 area on avg.and now evaluating the strategy of adding to position if I can get 2.25-2.30 primarily based on the simple premise that up till now, everything that could go wrong through mgmt missteps or circumstances beyond their control, has gone wrong and any positive shift in the tides of good fortune will trigger a very sharp rise in the shares.

      In other words," finally", the risk/reward profile looks attractive to me!

      Naked shorts piling on down here to shakeout the badly battered as news nears the PR wires? Could very well be, but from a valuation standpoint, the stock is now where it needs to be in order to attract a fresh wave of investors with risk allocation cash liking the potential over the next 3-6 months.

      We'll see what happens.


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      • Sandy, baby, you threw that one by at 101 MPH! No humor, except if you think its funny, then it is.

        SEQ. would be a 38$ stock without the courtroom drama because it plays at the very cutting edge of science and the market loves that addition, those huge increases in tests/Q would have made it a market darling where momentum players would have run this to the moon.

        BUT the tracks bend in circles and the train slows to a crawl as the legal war wanders on. Everybody is attacking everybody while over looking SEQ's lead at the patent office. Is the 540 patent valid? Yes.

        So congrads on your might have waited for about another month or so. But hey, swim little tadpole, swim. ( that was humor).

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    • Yea Indy, (as you know) it's been, call it, since launch, a continuous cascade of wave after wave of external negative forces undermining and sabotaging this company. IMO, a favorable ruling from you know who will reverse that trend and reverse all those negative dominoes from falling against/on us to for us. Reference one of your previous msgs, about "writing on the wall", about a week after the Aug 9th CAFC ruling, NY saw "THE" writing and kicked Ariosa and Natera out of their state. That's one state and 49 to go.

      After last Friday's court session, wouldn't surprise me if our infringing VC backer's fingers are "at the ready" to push that cut-off funding button and high tail it out of here. Their Lab partners, IMO, are going to be left holding the bag, with their deep pockets. KS will make sure they get what they deserve. On that note Indy, get that popcorn ready, heard it goes good, a good complement, with your world famous rabbit sausage.

      Regards, Bud

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      • anything yet?

      • Bud, my good friend and holder of a shield, I believe I had a nice cheese dusted popcorn w/ rabbit sausage and a warm Miller Lite in Paris last year! --cue the stooges sfx track.

        ( yes to the writing on the wall...will refer to it as such...don't want to wake the sausage-to-be before the appointed time)

        About Q3CC... I hope that HH schedules in mid Nov. or within 24 hours of the "writing"...and puts together a 4 cushion bank-shot that will have Minnesota Fats cheering. We need a massive-flashing electronic billboard just for the hedgers that tells them the way TRUE NORTH!

        PS I LOVE NY!

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    • They survived the past 2 years because the raised over $200 million and nothing but continued losses to show for it.

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