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  • prudentrader7 prudentrader7 Oct 18, 2013 5:12 PM Flag

    Amazed at how the idiots here treat the volume near the close as a positve. Answer insidee

    You people amaze me. It doesn't matter what happens, you always find a silver lining! 7 year low? No biggie, its minor! Why? Oh volume was high on the close, so it's bullish!

    Not ONE PERSON here has posted showing knowledge of the obvious reason for the volume! Not one! ANYONE who had any trading background knows what happened! Go ahead, search on the word arbitrage here, you won't find anyone using it this week in discussing the index funds selling! lol

    Here is the answer, arbitragers take positions in advance of the Friday close, as they estimate the number of shares the funds need to sell Friday. They take positions and then buy the index funds shares at the close to balance their positions. The is old, and it happens all the time with index changes. It is basic market knowledge, yet none of you idiots has any clue about it!

    It;s not bullish nor bearish. Its a process, a way to unload large quantities or shares without tanking the stock. But of course, you fools don't realize that!

    Now, doesn't this all make a LOT more sense than your silly manipulation theories, or the "someone's buying big here" uninformed rants?

    This is yet another example of how ill prepared you are to be investing. You simple don't have the knowledge to invest. THIS is why you are suffering here!

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    • Really Prude!

      I've seen this movie many times before where the heavy hitting street thugs initiate kamikaze shakeout raids on retail ahead of stock moving events.

      At the least, DARK POOL transactions of this magnitude indicate that all the MM inventory not nailed down is being soaked up aggressively by an entity with clout (a hostile angling for leverage perhaps?) as glowingly illustrated by deftly maintaining a lid on the PPS in order to squeeze out every last ounce of blood from the corpses holding shares prior to the last Q call.

      The tide is starting to turn so you can cut the BS now Prude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the game is up!


    • Prudent, how do you manipulate the MB? Do you use a script?

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