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  • hollandjoey hollandjoey Oct 23, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    First Trust NY now owns 15,000,000 shares

    pretty close to the 15% limit wouldn't you say?
    Basically - they have bought all they can.

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    • Sure glad my money isn't with THEM. LOL

    • First Trust NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index Fund (FBT - TOP holding?????????????????
      druuuumroooollllllll -
      Illumina, Inc. 5.50%

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      • You really have to be a moron if you don’t understand why they own those shares?

        First Trust runs a Biotech fund that tracks the NYSE Biotech Index. First trust does not choose the stocks in their fund they simply buy the stocks in the index to create an index fund that investors can buy. The NYSE Biotech index is an equal dollar weighted index. The biotech sector has gone up, but SQNM has gone down. This means that if you run an index fund that tracks the NYSE biotech index you have to remain in balance. Therefore as the index goes up you have to buy more and more SQNM since its gone down and it’s a dollar weighted index.

        Joey you must be one of the dumbest people on this board.

        First trust has no choice they have to keep the index fund they run balanced and as the fund goes up and SQNM goes down they are forced to buy more. Luck for them the stocks so cheap and there are always sellers they have not had to chase the stock to remain in balance

      • You sound like a total NOOB.
        The ETF managed by First Trust is a Biotech Fund with 20 holdings of near equal 5% weighting.

      • WOW, So their profit is so big on ILMN that if SQNM went to zero it wouldn't mean much. BTW, you see how much Fidelity owns of ILMN, sweet.

    • not a big dealSCHEDULE 13G

      Amendment No. 0
      Common Stock
      Cusip #817337405

      Cusip #817337405

      Item 1: Reporting Person - FMR LLC
      Item 4: Delaware
      Item 5: 1,768,248
      Item 6: 0
      Item 7: 14,848,645
      Item 8: 0
      Item 9: 14,848,645
      Item 11: 14.990%
      Item 12: HC

      Cusip #817337405
      Item 1: Reporting Person - Edward C. Johnson 3d
      Item 4: United States of America
      Item 5: 0
      Item 6: 0
      Item 7: 14,848,645
      Item 8: 0
      Item 9: 14,848,645
      Item 11: 14.990%
      Item 12: IN



      FILED PURSUANT TO RULE 13d-1(b) or 13d-2(b)

      Item 1(a). Name of Issuer:


      Item 1(b). Name of Issuer's Principal Executive Offices:

      3595 John Hopkins Court
      San Diego, CA 92121

    • You can buy more than 15% but must disclose your intentions. Must be averaging down hope they know something we don't know. Then again Fidelity owned more than 15% pushed the PPS up over $8. then sold between $5 and $8. all their shares, smart move selling.

    • what 15% limit are you talking about???????????/

      also, where do you see this published?

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      • March 2009 -
        Sequenom Measure

        On March 3, San Diego-based Sequenom Inc. became the latest biotechnology company to adopt a poison pill. The provision would be triggered if any investor owned 15 percent or was poised to start a tender offer.

        Managements endorsing poison pills have watched Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG’s still-unresolved hostile bid for Genentech Inc. Roche, the Basel, Switzerland-based owner of 56 percent of Genentech and its partner developing drugs, began last July to seek the remaining 44 percent.

        Roche has since made an offer directly to investors, over objections by the board at Genentech. That company, based in South San Francisco, has no defense to impede Roche, which on March 6 raised its bid by 7.5 percent to $45.7 billion, or $93 a share.

        “There has been a tremendous up tick in publicly hostile transactions and more aggressive behavior that is not public and might never get public,” said Keith Flaum, a mergers and acquisitions specialist at the Palo Alto, California, office of the law firm Cooley Godward Kronish.

        numbers are at datadotcnbcdotcom

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