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  • avranj982 avranj982 Oct 27, 2013 12:20 AM Flag

    what to expect

    We have a cc approaching on Nov 7, and a case management conference before the judge on Nov6.

    On Aug 9th the Federal Circuit Court on appeal overturned a previous District Court ruling that was unfavorable to Sequenom. In a scathing reversal of the District's Court original ruling, a unanimous three-judge-panel of the Federal Circuit Court vacated, reversed, and remanded the case back to the District Court's Judge Susan Ilston, to [in essence] "...try it again, do it right this time, give Sequenom the injunction against Ariosa that it was seeking..."

    The recent (Oct 2013) Motion for Summary Judgement before the same Judge Susan Ilston saw her reading from a completely different playbook as her comments indicated a 180-degree shift in favor of Sequenom, and consistent with the guidance and direction provided to her by the Federal Circuit.

    Meanwhile, Sequenom continues licensing it's MaterniT21+ technology overseas where it's patent has already been tested and upheld in Europe.

    The 2nd Quarter conference call was weak, due to Medicare reimbursement issues that resulted from "coding changes" at Medicare. This "coding change" issue was felt across the entire landscape of companies that perform genetic/lab diagnostic testing; heavy hitters such as LabCorp cited this problem as having an impact on their bottom line. These issues are expected to be mostly resolved now, but there may be lingering effects seen in the 3rd Qtr results of all these companies.

    Since the start of the year, we have seen BCBS sign on to agreements with Sequenom, and we have seen several of the other major insurers updating their coverage policies to allow for reimbursement of NIPT such as MaterniT21+ specifically.

    Last CC Sequenom warned that they would stop performing tests for non-payors, and whil this would help the bottom line it might lead to a relative decrease in the acceleration/trajectory of the run rate. Considering the changes in policies coming out in the past few months,

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