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  • phactsarephun phactsarephun Oct 31, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

    Court of Appeals will almost certainly overturn this one

    Just read the order, I don't see any way this won't be overturned on appeal. The judge does not seem to understand science very well, she is clearly hung up on the "natural phenomenon" issue and somehow believes the process of detecting and selecting out that natural phenomenon is trivial. The only real question is how long the appeal will take.

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    • While I agree with you on this ruling being overturned, my concern is that the appeal will take so long to be heard that SQNM will not be able to withstand the pressure of the competition. They have a brand new custom lab in North Carolina to sustain and they are trying to sell the only profitable part of the company. This entire scenario is very distressing. I feel sick.

    • Since you can see the future rulings, can show us where you told us that today's ruling would come down as it did? I don't see it! Once you do that, THEN we can discuss how you "don't see anyway it won't be overturned"

      Does that make any sense to you? That if you know 1/2 as much as you think you know, you would have told us this ruling was coming, and since you didn't your current statement isn't worth the font that it is typed in! lol

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