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  • hollandjoey hollandjoey Nov 6, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    May they rest in peace, all 10,576

    1.5 Put 0.14 0.15 +97 10,479
    No leaks were provided prior to last cc as evidenced by the positive analysts comments right up to the call.
    This is very dangerous area for shorts and whomever plopped down 100k for 1.50 puts.
    They are flying blind and only playing the common cc theme, they are very comfortable with this pattern. Dangerous.
    May they rest in peace.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Joey, I think the author of the article had a very decided agenda. Who is to say that the buyer of the 10,000 puts wasn't a short who wanted to lock in some profit by buying the puts and liquidating his short? There are a myriad of LONG theories that could have been put forward, but because the trend is down, they author took the low road or, as I say, may have had an alterior motive. Look what his "hit piece" did to the stock today? Sure, you could make the case that Yahoo posts don't move markets, but you most certainly cannot say the same of opinion articles that hit the main stream media. It should be an area of SEC scrutiny but realistically, what can they do about it? NADA. Just remember, what goes up, must come down, what comes down, must go up... or go bk. This company will NOT be going BK.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Show me a post by ONE long in the past 4 years who has bought a Call that didn't expire worthless! Want to talk about RIP?

    • hollandjoey, with all due respect, you have been consistently wrong on this company for years now. I believe the stock price may be somewhat manipulated, but the remedy for such manipulation is to produce unambiguous results. The management of this company appears to be a joke, and a bad one at that. This is a company that has/had the dominant IP position, first mover advantage in a growing market, and plenty of money. It appears they are in the process of destroying this opportunity if they haven't done so already. Since of their competitors was already bought out, you would think that price tag would set a floor on their valuation, but they have already dropped well below that figure. It is clear that Mr. Market has almost zero confidence in management, even as circumstances increasingly dictate that they must seek out a buyer for the whole enterprise, not just the GA business.

    • Let me get this straight, the person that has been here long for 4 years with 60% losses, who was bullish and wrong the ENTIRE decline, is going to tell us that the shorts are in a dangerous area?

      You can't think we are stupid as you, do you?

    • I guess the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS they made shorting is now at risk. btw, what was that about $6.19?

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