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  • goldto1000 goldto1000 Jul 11, 2008 5:04 PM Flag

    Do your OWN research and not some schmuck shorter

    Timberline's Exploration/Property Portfolio:

    Conglomerate Mesa / Butte Highlands / East Camp Douglas / Snowstorm are some of their major holdings. Plus some other prospects.

    If they were a Canadian listed company with just the exploration portoflio, I would guess they would have a $50-$100M market cap right there.

    US investors do not know how to value this side of the business. They will soon. Just not yet!

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    • Gold price is doubled since 2010 but TLR price only below $ 2 .mkt cap only 50 m where as MDW mkt cap $400 m with no revenue..

      Gold price now $ 1910/ounce
      Gold going to $10,000 after European bailout and printing billions $$

      Money makes from paper . but gold has worth..

      TLR going to $100/sh

    • ...filled with gold!

    • if your all in TLR, you'll be collecting cans about this time next year.

    • Your post on Ragingbull in regard to TLR is right on.

      "Dilutive financing. Potentially more so with the decline in price making the SMD deal potentially not as attractive. Although it appears TLR is exploring other options. Problem is, until they say otherwise the market assumes dilutive financing.
      -Delays, delays, delays.
      -Excuses, excuses, excuses.

      Noticed TLR resubmitted the proxy again in the last couple days, I think it is the 4th time. Quite frankly, that is BULL#$%^. Whomever is handling the SEC for TLR needs to get off their ace and move things up the chain at the SEC or navigate around it ASAP.

      Also noticed amended 10Qs filed for this year, presumably at the prompting of the SEC, for the purpose of indicating TLR hadn't had sufficient accounting/audit controls in place until they had recently hired controllers at the corporate and Kettle levels. Yet no changes of any sort to the numbers.

      Someone at TLR needs to make something happen here. "

    • No - it was to the bitter basher who has no interest in TLR - or any true understanding - just to seek out revenge from another stock associated to some punching bag group. who knows. you get all kinds of cookie nutcases in Yahoo.

      The good thing is there are some real big funds exchanging hands at these prices which is a great indication the buying has ramped up. once the supply fizzels from the hands of the desperate sellers, then the spike occurs. I give it 5 to 10 days --> maximum.

    • Gold,

      Would your message have been to me ? Sometimes hard to tell with these screwed up Yahoo boards.

      Amigo Mike

    • You are an f*cking idiot. 100% genuine 1st class, high grade moron.

      I hope you lost a lot of money on PRXI.

    • Great analysis of why TLR is worth 50 cents to $1.50. Pump jobs on companies with no substance DON'T last for years as they are found out rather quickly.

      Because Punchy & Co are shareholders ..... ROFLMAO.

      There is no doubt that TLR should never have gone as high as it did last year ...... but your analysis is based on who may or may not own the stock ??????? That is laughable.

      Stocks and markets move to extremes. Your job as an investor are to identify those extremes and take advantage of them.

      TLR is not a junior explorer. It is a mining services company that happens to own leases on a couple properties. And there is PLENTY of substance to TLR.

      You are with me on GORO ? I didn't say anything about GORO ??? A company that has ZERO business and revenues ? Another company PUMPED by Investor Voices ? Better watch out. PUMP job going on 2 years there too. Only a matter of time before that stock crashes and burns based on your logic. Strange how some of the largest gold funds on the planet have been suckered into that one. Hmmmmmm ......... you should be sending up the warning flags all over the place on GORO.

      Amigo Mike

    • I wish you weren't around but we all don't get our wishes now, do we?

      A dinner on the beach. How terrific! All TLR shareholders next year can join me...

    • I hope you are heavily short TLR.

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