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  • zzr-stephen Jun 25, 2011 10:58 PM Flag

    Butte Highlands goes into production in 2012


    I have spent time on whether to reply to you but now I have come to the conclusion that I must.

    Are you really this stupid with a very low I/Q or are you trying to promote something? All you ever post are 1 liners with absolutely nothing to back anything. To be honest with you, you sound like a very insecure and unformed little boy that is trying to be a cheer-leader, with completely no information at all. Is that true? If not, please advise Me and the board.
    Or are you a insider that knows that the permit process will succeed and also that the drilling will increase with more contracts, and last, that Nevada will hit bonanza gold?

    Or, are you just a person that has been kept down and are trying to hit a home run with a gamble of saying anything that people will react too? Please inform Me and the board because your last post is a little out of step------------------------ "2nd half of 2011 should be filled with some great headlines which will drive a major upside breakout for TLR." Sentiment : Strong Buy --WHY??--

    Nothing personal-----just wanting to know? Also sense you know, why is the stock dropping and now in the 70cent area with so much going on?----------Get past the one liners, please.

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