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  • tajunkie tajunkie Jun 12, 2011 10:45 PM Flag

    OK, now I'm sick..

    Back in November/December when I was kicking around, but TLR or UAMY I chose TLR. UAMY was .50 a share back then. Just for S n' giggles I checked on UAMY today and it is $2.55. Oh well, I still feel I made a wise decision for the long haul with TLR.

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    • and now UAMY is $3.50. geesh.

    • tajunkie...Don't worry, you know, would of, could of and should of, but if you ask me...once the hard rock permit is in hand and production does finally start at Butte Highlands, you'll be able to walk tall all day and sleep good all night long knowing Timberline has years of growth ahead of them(unless you are a night owl, LOL)! Your not alone, I have missed opportunities before myself, but life goes on and IMHO, you made a wise decision to stay with Timberline. With the money we make here, we can buy all the ice we need for the lumps we got hanging in, LOL!

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      • zzr-stephen Jun 13, 2011 10:51 AM Flag

        Notice---Midway (MDW) Gold Rises Nearly 6% on Best Gold Intercept To-Date at Pan Project, Nevada 06/13 05:43 AM
        To me, the intercepts were not that great, but the stock sure liked it! I hope Eureka Nevada kicks in.
        With the intercepts in Butte, TLR should be flying. ????
        ---Midway currently has one RC rig operating at Pan and to date in 2011, has completed approximately 7,200 meters in 28 RC holes. Gold assays received to date are summarized in the table below. Additional intercepts east of South Pan include 126.5 meters of 0.55 gpt gold in PN11-07 and 100 meters of 0.38 gpt gold in PN11-05. North of South Pan, intercepts include 71 meters of 0.45 gpt gold in PN11-12, 19.8 meters of 0.93 gpt gold in PN11-14, and 59 meters of 0.72 gpt gold in PN11-30. Drill holes PN11-17 to PN11-21 were condemnation holes drilled to test for mineralization beneath proposed mine facilities to depths of 250-450 meters. As expected, these condemnation holes did not find significant gold mineralization, therefore the area is confirmed suitable for locating the leach pad and associated production facilities. Drilling is also scheduled at North Pan this year where the current gold resource appears to remain open in all directions.

    • zzr-stephen Jun 13, 2011 1:22 AM Flag

      With what you are doing and with respect, you are so far out to lunch that I would suggest you get a hobby to replace these wasted post. You and Oceans, no matter what happened would say this is good. Then, as the price continues down, say, what a buying opportunity and the reason would always be---------BECAUSE OF THE POTENTIAL-----IT,S THE POTENTIAL PEOPLE. Don,t worry that Now the stock is .76cents, it,s the potential!
      Face the fact----------the stock is in terrible shape. Nothing is happening to cause anybody to buy! And, everybody is underwater or losing money! Now, who, cares about potential when your bank account keeps going down?
      You guys and all your potential, and interpretation of permits, drilling, etc, etc, go pound your salt someplace else. It,s all hype as we continue to lose. Your so full of crap with all you DDDDDDDD that,s DD, that now it,s going to take over 80% just to get some air. Yeah, keep pounding your drum. Enron, Enron, Enron, Enron, Enron, Enron, Enron, .
      And guess what, and you feel you made the right decision, buying TLR over UAMY RIGHT? Who are you fooling? ONE GOES UP ALMOST 500% AND YOU ARE STILL HOLDING TLR OVER THE BIG RUNNER, Yes, you are way out to lunch and now you want me to believe in what you are saying??????????????give me a break.


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      • zz...Great, now you gotta drag me into this one also(LOL)! That's right, I do think Timberline has enormous potential and I agree the shareprice has been taken down like a submarine, but that does not change the fact we have to wait for the Hard Rock permit to be approved! Developments along the way are great for the speculation aspect, but without the Hard Rock permit, where are we going? I see all the hard work that was done getting Butte ready, so I hold strong and wait. All the other developments like Bonanza grades, South Eureka, White Rock and the other sites/claims are what I see as future $$$$$! Once Montana approves the Hard rock permit, everything will change for Timberline, the Master Plan will have all the momentum it needs. Production at Butte will start a cash flow that should last for years, leading to growth in Nevada and who knows where else? So we/I wait for approval or move on! I choose to survive this rough beating with my last fighting ounces of energy. I have taken the worst scenario into consideration already, now I have to trust my decision to stay, you make yours!

      • Just sell and get the f**k outta here. Tired of you whining everyday. You can blame yourself in some part for the pps going down. You are scaring potential buyers. Do yourself and all of us a favor and not post for a week, I guarantee you the pps will be higher by next Monday. Unless you have other agenda, you and pinhead.

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