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  • tajunkie tajunkie Jun 23, 2011 10:32 PM Flag

    Spencer, Idaho is only 140 miles from Butte, Montana.

    Spencer Idaho should be the next project IMHO. Just look at the numbers taken straight from the Timberline website.

    The Spencer Gold Project covers 640 acres on the western end of the Kilgore-Spencer Trend, a northeast-trending belt of rhyolite volcanics known to host epithermal gold-silver mineralization. The project is located about four miles east of Spencer, Idaho, just south of a privately-held opal mine. The Company believes that the Spencer property has the potential to host both open-pit and underground gold deposits.

    The project area is six miles southwest of the Kilgore deposit, an epithermal ore body with a NI 43-101 compliant indicated and inferred resource of 487,000 ounces of gold from 16.7 million tons grading 0.03 ounces per ton (oz/t). The deposit was defined by nearly 200 core and reverse-circulation drill holes totaling over 125,000 feet, primarily by Echo Bay and Placer Dome in the 1990s. Although the existing resource is presented a possible open pit deposit, drilling has shown underground potential at Kilgore as well, with high-grade gold intercepts including 9.0 oz/t over 10 feet and 0.56 oz/t over 25 feet.

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    • Doesn't each new project require significant funding? Does that mean another round of financing and dilution? We need to see a revenue flow from the 'blue sky' side first, IMHO.

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      • zzr-stephen Jun 24, 2011 7:01 PM Flag

        Yes, you are right on the funding-----don,t get caught up in all this wasted B/S, it,s just dreaming----means nothing!

        A lot of people on this board are trying to put the rain gutters on the house before the foundation or permits have even been cleared to go. In my opinion-----there is only one thing we should be thinking about instead of all the pipe dreams, and that is the permit in Butte. With out that everything could collapse. It,s like, lets get the horse in front of the cart. This board keep wasting energy on the nothings instead of the real meat of the matter. Remember California or bust?, how about Montana or bust!
        Looks like a little whale right at the end of trading today is getting fed up with the B/S and sold 73,000 shares at .77cents---------------wonder why?
        Suggestion for everybody--------why not keep the business to what really matters. All these pipe dreams mean nothing at this time. Also, why is a lot of big money or shares jumping ship now at this price? Hardy sure must have known something and sold at .96cents. Which at that time everybody was saying by the price (around a dollar), what a steal in the 90s------yeah, right. The market keeps holding up a Red Flag and the cheer leaders keep smoking the good stuff and dreaming.

      • Don't worry about this. Spencer "project" is many years off, if it will ever transpire to anything serious. It's just a property where company has mining claims, i.e. right to start exploration (apply for exploration permit, to be more precise) some day.

    • Just opened a starter position this A.M. There are some very good board commentators here and I appreciate it - BUT

      Let me remind you that you don't buy junior explorers based on a measure of certainty but rather potential. Let me also remind you that no matter how clever or convincing the wording of any particular poster may be, it may have been written by someone with the intention of getting you to part with your shares.

      Now take that fella's claim that he traveled 1500 miles to get to management, supposedly owns a boat load of shares and is now questioning the wisdom of his purchase because of what he supposedly discovered inferring that TLR will be attacked by aliens, little green men with long hair in suits. Be wary of this sort thing, he may be a basher. They often appear out of nowhere claiming a 'first time I've posted' line and could be a disbarred ambulance chaser in need of work.

      But what do I know.


    • zzr-stephen Jun 27, 2011 11:07 PM Flag

      Mr Petka
      I would love to have dinner and dine with you with some good Red, Wine.
      I,m sad tonight because as of today I sold 3/4s of my position in TLR. But the problem is I think, I,m doing the right thing. I have lost so much with the Love of what is going on with TLR but the truth is it,s not just TLR, it,s Oil, Coal, anything in the mining area that is being pushed up against the wall of regulations that in some cases cannot be met.
      I,m so thankful that the Lord has let me live through the most Blessed Times of this planet of mankind. Think back to the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. Life was good, living was easy, and now we come into the 2010s and the future. The Bible talks about these times. WE WILL KNOW THE SEASON---------NOT THE DAY OR TIME!! To Me, the season is here and happening.

      I,m coming to the point of selling everything (paper) and moving everything into physical and then getting on with the business of living and enjoying what we still have left to enjoy. Why Am I thinking this way, well, because I think were way past the point of no return from the debt in this country. We now only have around 50% of the people paying tax,s. Think! with the Trillions of debt! It,s now how far can we kick the can down the road. As the positions that you achieved in your life---------I think you see and know what I,m trying to say.
      Thank you also for the kind words and I,m so glad that I have met you even though it,s only on a message board.

    • I like that thought, George. The public roads are for the use of tax payers, right? The "lawsuit" threat might just be a few "concerned" citizens making noise. Time will tell. I can't remember the last time I ate a trout...

    • zzr-stephen Jun 25, 2011 10:32 PM Flag


      Let Me just say this----the state of Mt could care less about how much you or I or TLR spent on anything and they will not be in a pickle over anything. On the 80% area, I think you are trying to be WAY TO OPTIMISTIC! The "both ways" don,t count---like nothing. So with that said, drilling is no big deal or like nothing-----------If you are you buying this company for the drilling?, if so, go elsewhere. On Butte, you are right----nobody is giving value because at this point there is no value only a pay back to SMD and hope that Butte will go into production---------------BIG HOPE. Remember hope and the stock market don,t mix to well AS IS SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      P/S George, no matter what I say, it,s nothing personal. In fact I wish the whole board and I could meet and sit down for dinner and really hash out the nuts and bolts. Maybe even have a drink or two.

    • zzr-stephen Jun 27, 2011 10:26 AM Flag

      Mr Petka
      To start off with I was the one that thought you were a woman--I,m sorry. I now want to thank you for taking the time to help us by sharing your information---Thanks.

      Just a couple of questions, It sounds like to Me that almost everything is done or must be to extract the 10,000 ton sample, so what is being done at the mine now. Is most of the work done and just limited crews now? Is the water thing completed that extended the permit? Are they still drilling, blasting, and removing anything, just anything? Or has the mine now been put in a state of moth balls and in wait?

      Again I thank you for a great hands on explanation of your thoughts and what you have seen. I always like outside people to share the truth, all others always seem to spin the truth. As a state Senator and Judge you would know.
      Thanks again.

    • How long did you live in America? If you are willing to hire a lawyer then it will cost you few hundred bucks to file a lawsuit (don't worry, it includes "proof of wrongdoing"), and it will cost you couple grands to maintain this lawsuit on frivolous level; it's already enough to keep it alive for a year. Certainly, you can keep it longer if you are Ok to spend more serious money.

    • Certainly, yes. You can be stopped if you just decided to start construction. Did you ever hear what "court injunction" means?

    • zzr-stephen Jun 27, 2011 10:38 PM Flag


      I share your emotion. I,m so sad that the ways of this country are playing out. I also sold off 3/4s of my position today but will be in clear ready position if the time comes with permit and mining starts to buy back in. To Me the real only way out at this time is the real thing, physical. Not paper. enough said.
      Maybe I should not say this but will. I,m looking for mining companys outside of the US and more so in Silver. I like Impact in Mexico. Read, it could blow your mind and they have 4 mines producing at this time.
      Yes, and I understand, I had way to much money riding on this pony. I,m down to a point even though I lost some, that if I lose it all----o well, that,s the game.

      Stay in touch. I,m now looking for a re-buy-back in the 40s,50s and no higher than the 60s. With the ways they are taking down the metals and commodities, oil, etc. It most likely will happen. ------Sit tight.

    • zzr-stephen Jun 25, 2011 7:41 PM Flag


      With all due respect--you are wrong. Alaska is a mining state and the Greenies stopped CDE for a very long time. Your thinking is good but not up to what is taking place. I want you to know, I,m not panicking, I,m facing with what that Woman wrote as truth. THE STOCK PRICE IS SAYING THE SAME THING!
      You are right-------------there is no lawsuit at this time,---at this time!-----"There has to be grounds for a lawsuit"--How about--"DUST, NOISE, CONGESTION "TRUCKS", tailings after the gold has been extracted, etc.
      Taking short cuts has nothing to do with it.

      "there are environmental concerns! This is what the Permit process is all about"---So now you are telling me that the permit process is because of environmentalist? Are you saying they, the environmentalist are running the show? You are not making sense, Oceans. What if and I say If, TLR gets the permit and the environmentalist then file suit? on what I stated above. What did the blind man say---I see, I see, I see---I SEEEEEEE!

      So why am I pounding so hard on this--------------------the stock price! and action in the stock! Hardy selling at .96cents, one buy by a insider (A HOLE 10,000shares) but big blocks leaving like Friday again at the close, selling 77,000shares at .77cents.
      I,m to the point now that it,s not TLR or that the gold is not there, or not the basic permit that can and will be fixed, but the Greenies, the so called do gooders, EPA, the system as a whole, etc. Now think about oil drilling, on land or deep water? or coal mining, to much to list? or any mining in general, etc.
      Oceans, the stock of TLR just keeps talking and if it breaks .73cents could really complicate matters.

      The stock price is saying there is something wrong---I would love for you to be right.

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