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  • tajunkie tajunkie Jun 23, 2011 10:32 PM Flag

    Spencer, Idaho is only 140 miles from Butte, Montana.

    Spencer Idaho should be the next project IMHO. Just look at the numbers taken straight from the Timberline website.

    The Spencer Gold Project covers 640 acres on the western end of the Kilgore-Spencer Trend, a northeast-trending belt of rhyolite volcanics known to host epithermal gold-silver mineralization. The project is located about four miles east of Spencer, Idaho, just south of a privately-held opal mine. The Company believes that the Spencer property has the potential to host both open-pit and underground gold deposits.

    The project area is six miles southwest of the Kilgore deposit, an epithermal ore body with a NI 43-101 compliant indicated and inferred resource of 487,000 ounces of gold from 16.7 million tons grading 0.03 ounces per ton (oz/t). The deposit was defined by nearly 200 core and reverse-circulation drill holes totaling over 125,000 feet, primarily by Echo Bay and Placer Dome in the 1990s. Although the existing resource is presented a possible open pit deposit, drilling has shown underground potential at Kilgore as well, with high-grade gold intercepts including 9.0 oz/t over 10 feet and 0.56 oz/t over 25 feet.

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    • tajunkie...Just another good reason to be long Timberline IMO! This is why we are a great speculation explorer, the future project pipeline is already in place, all we need is the Hard Rock permit approval and production to start at Butte and there should be no stopping Timberline after that! With all the claims/property Timberline has under it's belt, it's sure going to be fun to watch this company explore and discover new resources! I still feel Butte is the key and near term game changer, but with a drilling division and an exploration campaign already underway, it's clear Timberline is determined to make things happen for investors and future success!

    • Doesn't each new project require significant funding? Does that mean another round of financing and dilution? We need to see a revenue flow from the 'blue sky' side first, IMHO.

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      • zzr-stephen Jun 24, 2011 7:01 PM Flag

        Yes, you are right on the funding-----don,t get caught up in all this wasted B/S, it,s just dreaming----means nothing!

        A lot of people on this board are trying to put the rain gutters on the house before the foundation or permits have even been cleared to go. In my opinion-----there is only one thing we should be thinking about instead of all the pipe dreams, and that is the permit in Butte. With out that everything could collapse. It,s like, lets get the horse in front of the cart. This board keep wasting energy on the nothings instead of the real meat of the matter. Remember California or bust?, how about Montana or bust!
        Looks like a little whale right at the end of trading today is getting fed up with the B/S and sold 73,000 shares at .77cents---------------wonder why?
        Suggestion for everybody--------why not keep the business to what really matters. All these pipe dreams mean nothing at this time. Also, why is a lot of big money or shares jumping ship now at this price? Hardy sure must have known something and sold at .96cents. Which at that time everybody was saying by the price (around a dollar), what a steal in the 90s------yeah, right. The market keeps holding up a Red Flag and the cheer leaders keep smoking the good stuff and dreaming.

      • Don't worry about this. Spencer "project" is many years off, if it will ever transpire to anything serious. It's just a property where company has mining claims, i.e. right to start exploration (apply for exploration permit, to be more precise) some day.

    • zzr-stephen Jun 25, 2011 5:40 PM Flag


      "If you built your house near a gold mine dwal with it." That,s easy to say and by the way I,m in your camp------but-------in today,s environment, they "who ever", build near the airport and then do everything they can to shut it down.
      I was in a stock Comstock "LOAD" got in, made a few bucks and got out because of the same thing. Dust, noise, Trucks, etc. The town hall meetings become a hostel environment in itself with out getting to the business of taking care of the business of mining. The business becomes fighting the Greenies over everything. NOT MINING.A lot of business are moving overseas because it,s reaching a point that to comply with everything and unions-------they can,t make it here. In this case if, and again (if) there is suit brought against TLR------Lawyers are expensive and also it becomes the cost of doing business. More off the bottom line. What a shame. TLR should be 3--4--5--6 dollars with just what they have and what could be in the pipe with Butte. I now think that the market is saying-----yeah you got it "gold" but for the time are you going to be ABLE TO GET IT OUT OF THE GROUND? .77CENTS SHOULD BE SAYING SOMETHING.

      I,m also in your camp that it will happen but as a realest that it could and I say (COULD) not will, could take years of fighting. Always remember, people are money "crews" defense "Lawyers go through a lot of money" ((THEY LOVE THIS)) at yours and everybody on this board expense. To Me and My opinion, there is no free market, free enterprise through capitalism. IT,S THE MONEY CHANGERS AND LAWYERS that are making the money with the suits coming in from the Greenies, etc, etc. We are just trying to make a buck and like most corporations are being blocked with codes, permits, greenies hugging trees, ants, one eyed spiders, etc.
      So, just keep this in mind as the Woman was saying----be prepared for many more delays to keep your sanity. And last, this is where we the US has come too. Paralyzed by all the do gooders that really don,t give back anything except trouble. It,s all about them---not freedom or free enterprise.
      That,s the way I see it.

    • zz...What lawsuit? There is no lawsuit, there are environmental concerns! This is what the Permit process is all about, environmentalists are always going to complain, that's what they do. The MDoEQ has to make sure testing is done or they will be on the chopping block if things go wrong. There has to be grounds for a lawsuit anyway, nothing I have seen makes me think SMD or Timberline took any shortcuts, so everything should be in compliance with the MDoEQ IMO! To even bring a lawsuit that a judge would entertain/hear, there would have to be some kind of reason, so I see it this way. Either an Environmental lawsuit where the well being of an environmental asset is in dispute or lawsuit with environmental relevence where a non environmental entity whose outcome has relevence for an environmental asset. First if the MDoEQ does it's job and approves Timberline for the Hard Rock/operating permit, then SMD/Timberline have to make sure they keep to the code and safety measures in place. Constant inspection and safe working practices should keep any lawsuits out of court. That's on the environment side of things the way I see it, for now. Roads and other considerations I'm sure are all being addressed and worked out, the mine has been operational before. Now that we have come so far, the 10,000 ton bulk sample should be the dry run for mining operations, let's see how that goes! There is too much on the table to panic and say...OH NO, ENVIRONMENTALISTS! Please, as long as things are done right, IMO there should be no problems! If Montana did not want mining, they would not have let things get this far, think about it!

    • zzr-stephen Jun 25, 2011 7:41 PM Flag


      With all due respect--you are wrong. Alaska is a mining state and the Greenies stopped CDE for a very long time. Your thinking is good but not up to what is taking place. I want you to know, I,m not panicking, I,m facing with what that Woman wrote as truth. THE STOCK PRICE IS SAYING THE SAME THING!
      You are right-------------there is no lawsuit at this time,---at this time!-----"There has to be grounds for a lawsuit"--How about--"DUST, NOISE, CONGESTION "TRUCKS", tailings after the gold has been extracted, etc.
      Taking short cuts has nothing to do with it.

      "there are environmental concerns! This is what the Permit process is all about"---So now you are telling me that the permit process is because of environmentalist? Are you saying they, the environmentalist are running the show? You are not making sense, Oceans. What if and I say If, TLR gets the permit and the environmentalist then file suit? on what I stated above. What did the blind man say---I see, I see, I see---I SEEEEEEE!

      So why am I pounding so hard on this--------------------the stock price! and action in the stock! Hardy selling at .96cents, one buy by a insider (A HOLE 10,000shares) but big blocks leaving like Friday again at the close, selling 77,000shares at .77cents.
      I,m to the point now that it,s not TLR or that the gold is not there, or not the basic permit that can and will be fixed, but the Greenies, the so called do gooders, EPA, the system as a whole, etc. Now think about oil drilling, on land or deep water? or coal mining, to much to list? or any mining in general, etc.
      Oceans, the stock of TLR just keeps talking and if it breaks .73cents could really complicate matters.

      The stock price is saying there is something wrong---I would love for you to be right.

    • First an apology to the Board: some have addressed me as a woman. Actually this account was " hijacked" from my wife as I used it to send out my message. I am a male who is retired , a former State Senator, former Circuit Court Judge and former State's Attorney from Illinois.My name is Ed Petka
      I have had a long time interest in PM's (over 40 years). I first learned of TLR from Jason Hommel 4 years ago and took a "small position sometime later. I flew to Butte to see another mine site in Silver Star Montana and decided to go to TLR at the last minute and am glad I went.
      I believe that there will be a lawsuit filed; it does not mean it will have any merit. Any one can file a lawsuit- I have seen literally hundreds of utterly baseless suits filed. Many of these suits are settled for what is properly described as nuisance value- it costs more to litigate a case than to pay a nominal settlement cost to get the matter closed.
      Montana has had an influx of refugees from California. Some prominent Hollywood "stars" have picked up property there and have made it their playground retreat. Many of these stars have money and IMO some very goofy ideas.
      The point made in my first post was that "greenies" and "back to nature" zealots with money can find skimpy grounds to file a suit and DELAY the implementation of a permit. (In Illinois some convicts sued because they were served with paper plates rather than getting porcelain dishware for their meals!!) It does not take much to find some lawyer ready to handle a lawsuit- even if it is frivolous. There was an injunction request made almost a year and a half ago to keep the Timberline haul trucks off the roads and it was granted for a short time- according to the mining engineer ( not Timberline's) I spoke with when I was there. The greenies and some who had bought property and settled there did not want any dust, noise, or other "inconveniences" associated with profitable mining to interfere with their quality of life. They had proposed using another route to haul away the rock that would be mined- even though it would add 42 miles to the length of the haul trip. As I said earlier, I have seen this movie before. Folks like these are not easily appeased. The filing of lawsuits to stop and or delay "intense" uses is a fact of life.The "grounds" for this lawsuit- not hard to imagine-- The Department of Environmental Quality "abused its discretion" in granting the permit. Once filed there will be motions, injunction requests, discovery, trial, appeals. I opined that a "final non appealable order to mine is unlikely in the next year". If TLR gets such a permit this year- few people will be happier than me.
      There are out of work miners and many businesses in the area who support this project for obvious reasons; TLR personnel told me that a state land management group supports the project also because TLR pays all costs to maintain the road that cuts through public lands to the TLR property.I like the TLR business model. I love the potential of its properties but I do not feel good about a final, non appealable order to mine being given to Timberline within the next year. I hope ( and pray) I am wrong.
      Ed Petka

    • zzr-stephen Jun 25, 2011 10:32 PM Flag


      Let Me just say this----the state of Mt could care less about how much you or I or TLR spent on anything and they will not be in a pickle over anything. On the 80% area, I think you are trying to be WAY TO OPTIMISTIC! The "both ways" don,t count---like nothing. So with that said, drilling is no big deal or like nothing-----------If you are you buying this company for the drilling?, if so, go elsewhere. On Butte, you are right----nobody is giving value because at this point there is no value only a pay back to SMD and hope that Butte will go into production---------------BIG HOPE. Remember hope and the stock market don,t mix to well AS IS SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      P/S George, no matter what I say, it,s nothing personal. In fact I wish the whole board and I could meet and sit down for dinner and really hash out the nuts and bolts. Maybe even have a drink or two.

    • Having CDE experience you know how it goes. If environmentalists lose lawsuit(s) in local Montana court (most likely, though it will take a year or so) then they make appeal and it goes to the 9th Circus appeal court located in San Francisco where cases are usually decided based on their anti-business merits. In this case mining company has only recourse in US Supreme Court that still preserves some sanity (with 5:4 score). It may indicate very long road for TLR holders in case they wish to see something high in stock price terms. If mining permit is granted this year, it may cause some price bounce and it would be good time to have more realistic expectations about future proceedings.
      Regarding practical example of Montana/USA justice to mining businesses, one may track RVM ongoing court saga regarding Rock Creek project.

    • zzr-stephen Jun 27, 2011 10:26 AM Flag

      Mr Petka
      To start off with I was the one that thought you were a woman--I,m sorry. I now want to thank you for taking the time to help us by sharing your information---Thanks.

      Just a couple of questions, It sounds like to Me that almost everything is done or must be to extract the 10,000 ton sample, so what is being done at the mine now. Is most of the work done and just limited crews now? Is the water thing completed that extended the permit? Are they still drilling, blasting, and removing anything, just anything? Or has the mine now been put in a state of moth balls and in wait?

      Again I thank you for a great hands on explanation of your thoughts and what you have seen. I always like outside people to share the truth, all others always seem to spin the truth. As a state Senator and Judge you would know.
      Thanks again.

    • Just opened a starter position this A.M. There are some very good board commentators here and I appreciate it - BUT

      Let me remind you that you don't buy junior explorers based on a measure of certainty but rather potential. Let me also remind you that no matter how clever or convincing the wording of any particular poster may be, it may have been written by someone with the intention of getting you to part with your shares.

      Now take that fella's claim that he traveled 1500 miles to get to management, supposedly owns a boat load of shares and is now questioning the wisdom of his purchase because of what he supposedly discovered inferring that TLR will be attacked by aliens, little green men with long hair in suits. Be wary of this sort thing, he may be a basher. They often appear out of nowhere claiming a 'first time I've posted' line and could be a disbarred ambulance chaser in need of work.

      But what do I know.


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