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  • lengr1234 lengr1234 Dec 19, 2011 8:18 AM Flag

    Tried to Post a New TLR Topic

    Tried to Post a New TLR Topic but it was quickly deleted.

    Tried to list the facts about TLR as I know them and concluded TLR is in trouble. I am a TLR investor but don't see much hope for its future.

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    • tryingto...The facts we have access to, have all been reported in Timberlines press releases and the latest 10K. I found extra information on various agencies sites pertaining to the permitting process, but nothing that would change my long position.

      Do you have a specific question about anything? I think we'll learn more when we get the update for Butte. When it comes to my opinion on the process, cash on hand, burn rate, all any of us can do is speculate with the reported information on hand IMO.

    • pure speculation, well intended but where are the facts. Cmon man!

    • If all the facts you know suggest that TLR is in trouble, then what do you make of the stock's resilience? It has traded right around this price for two and a half months.

    • lengr1234...If you really are a TLR investor, hope should be held and not lost! Once goals are set and plans are in place, quitting should never be an option if success is to be achieved.

      If Timberline were not debt free, had a great sharestructure, solid JV, nearing production, future project pipeline, strong management with proven history ect...I would not have any hope for their future either, but since they do...I'm staying LONG TIMBERLINE for all the right reasons!

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