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  • george_arthur_vandelay_costanza george_arthur_vandelay_costanza Jun 5, 2012 2:29 PM Flag



    I emailed them about exactly that...they aren't sure when they will be able to mine but, thought it say next year given the pain in the butt the MT DEQ has been. I emailed the DEQ and let them know they suck for commerce and American jobs and tax revenue.

    TLR thought maybe they'd try and get some debt financing as they did talk of doing an actual compliant study on the mine which often I've seen done for debt deals (i.e. an independent party proving you'll have the cash once the permit is approved) as I doubt Guill or anyone would want to dilute at this price. The other thing they pointed out was the $5M cash and reassessing how to spend it. Bare bones on drilling in NV and staff in MT they could probably drag it out a while.

    I would encourage folks to apply some pressure to MT. Let's face it the countries problems are all about jobs and tax revenue and the state of MT is standing in the way of both in this case. This isn't a TLR issue anymore but, an issue of government holding business hostage.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Its criminal that regulators have such control with absolute power to abuse. Regulation have only one purpose: POWER.
      Unfortunately I am in the middle of federal regulations and never experience anything productive. Regulators have the power to control and kill opportunities for political foe and will grant exceptions for their allies. I can give up a long list of real life examples.
      Our friend who say sell and move on simplifies a bunch. Where do you invest in MF Global like investment companies or mining companies in South American, Mexico? If you can not invest in the US with confidence then we don't have a real country.

    • it's easier to sell the stock and move on.

      Take the loss.

    • George, I hope you didn't use that exact language with the Montana DEQ! Bureaucrats have small minds and alot of power.

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