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  • williamscurtis58 williamscurtis58 Feb 11, 2014 9:13 PM Flag

    Spending Money At Lookout Mountain Instead Of Conserving Cash

    Careless spending by management now has TLR investors wondering how TLR will
    be their bills. Once again management screws up. Permit needed to be in hand before
    advancing Lookout Mountain. CEO should step down. His carelessness with investors money
    will continue if he stays.

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    • Pointing blame.
      Its good that TLR management came to their senses and cut all ties with Dennis Weasel and his crony Troy Fierro. They deliberately had management sign the no shop exclusivity agreement so that they could renig and try to pull the rug out and steal our assets. NOT HAPPENING.
      Keep your eye on the ball. Permits are IMMINENT.
      Management will obtain financing.
      Dennis Weasel and his cronies WILL NOY steal our assets.

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      • What? Dennis was the one cutting the ties. You act like TLR has money. You have no ideal
        what your talking about. Wheeler was going to pay 20c and now we are at 13c. How good is this? Who's
        going to pay 20c now at 13c? If they dilute below 10c then you will see the real picture. No matter what
        happens, TLR needs cash and they need it right now with NYSE busting their balls. The only one Stealing IMO is management.

    • I voiced my opinion on another site directly to TLR about their spending. Seems like I seen on
      the 10k where one of management members are making money off of Lookout Mountain by hiring
      their own personal company to do work there. I must say that this management has dismantled
      shareholders value while lining their own pockets. Now we wait on another possible terrible financing
      deal by management.

    • (lol) TLR management to retail shareholders : "Let them eat cake !"

    • Its pretty obvious by now what the CEO has been doing. First transfer out the good asset like the mining engineering operation, then let his friend get out of the joint venture by diluting shares. Then dilute more shares by spending the the reserve capital on lookout obviously the money when into someone poacket. All this look like they have no plan to go live with the permit but using the carrot of cheap share placement to lure more suckers in while they transfer the cash out.

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